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SPRING FOOTBALL: Q&A with David Montgomery

One of Matt Campbell’s program rules is that freshmen cannot speak to the media. On Thursday morning, soon-to-be sophomore running back David Montgomery stepped in front of reporters for the first time.

He’s a well-spoken, charismatic kid who was fantastic as a rookie in 2016. Montgomery averaged 5.2 yards per carry while rushing for 563 yards and two touchdowns along the way.

Here is a spring football Q&A with running back David Montgomery. 

Q: What was your freshman year like?

DM: “I liked it. I loved it actually. There was a lot that I had to pick up and learn but I did.”

Q: When did you arrive in Ames and how did you pick things up so quickly?

DM: I got here on June 13 and got right into film. I asked Coach Lou if I could do some extra work after that. I got to it fast and made sure that I had to get every down, down.”

Q: Some freshmen would come in and kind of blend in. What made you want to get ahead of things right away?

DM: “I’ve kind of been that way my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be ahead of the game. I really pushed myself to be better than I was the day before. I kind of came in here knowing that if I came in here and worked the right way I would be blessed to get an opportunity.”

Q: What kind of extra work did you get from Coach Lou?

DM: “He gave me formations to study. Different film to study, just simple basics. Then I kind of took it to another level as far as looking on YouTube how coverages work and how offenses work. I compared it to what we do so that’s how I got it done.”

Q: What are your goals this spring?

DM: “My goals this spring are to be a great team player. You would expect a running back to want all of the glory but nah, my line is great. The wide receivers are working. I want guys to be better.”

Q: When you first arrived in Ames, did you think that playing right away was a realistic option?

DM: “I was more so thinking, ‘Just come here to work, Dave.’ God has put everybody in certain situations that should be given to certain people so I thought that if I came up here and worked hard and worked my tail off that I would get an opportunity.”

Q: How do you approach this year differently, considering last year you were a freshman and this year, you’re considered to be the top dog?

DM: “I still have the same attitude. I can’t change just because I’m in a different position. It’s not even a competition in the running backs room. It’s more of a family base. We really push forward to make everybody better. I’m not against him. It’s more, ‘This is what we have to do to make each other better.’”

Q: How did Mike make you better last year?

DM: “Mike is great. He helped me a whole lot. Mike really pushed me to exalt confidence. He told me that everything would slow down. Now, he is pushing me the same way. He has always been a great team player to me.”

Q: What is a realistic expectation for you in your second year?

DM: “I just want to be more of a leader because I know what I am capable of and the coaches know what I am capable of.”