Possible Iowa State satellite camp locations

The topic of satellite camps and college football has been HUGE this offseason and as expected, Iowa State will fully take advantage of the NCAA’s recent ruling to allow these to go on. 

You might have seen Iowa State coaches tweeting about upcoming camps over the last few days. Based off of that and conversations with sources, I have come up with a list of locations where camps are likely going to be taking place (nothing official) this summer. 

Addison, Texas 

Detroit, Mich. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa (western Iowa and Omaha)

Dubuque, Iowa (eastern Iowa and Illinois)

Tampa, Fla. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Houston, Texas

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Washington D.C. 

As you can see, Iowa State’s staff will be spread out all over the country. Of course, Iowa State’s coaches will likely be "sharing" many of these camps with other schools too. Details are sketchy at this time. We will continue to provide them as they come in.