Friday morning OC search update

When it comes to digging up specifics in regards to Paul Rhoads’ ongoing search for an offensive coordinator, that has been awfully difficult to do over the last week and a half. Rhoads, who is set to coach his sixth season as Iowa State’s head coach in 2014, has played this search very close to the vest. 

He has been awfully busy recruiting too. Iowa State has collected five verbal commitments over the span of the last 12 days. 

To this point, the only leak that has surfaced at all was an early-week “report” from, that tabbed a “likely” conclusion of wide receivers coach Todd Sturdy or offensive line coach Chris Klenakis being promoted. This rumor matched up with some comments that were recently made by an Iowa State recruit as well. Right now, all indications point to the Sturdy/Klenakis scenario still being very much in play.

However after working the phone on Thursday night, I am confident that other candidates might still be in the mix too. If these possible candidates are current coordinators or position coaches, is not yet known. I do not have any specific names to report at this time either but have reason to believe that they are assistants at other BCS programs. 

Iowa State will host six official visitors this weekend. After two weeks of being on the road, I fully expect the offensive coordinator search to pick up steam next week. 


One source told me on Thursday afternoon that Notre Dame running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Tony Alford is not a candidate. Alford was in Des Moines on Thursday recruiting Iowa State wide receiver commitment Allen Lazard. You might note that I wrote at length about Alford on Thursday, so go ahead and stick a fork in that theory. 

How would the fan base feel about Indiana offensive coordinator Seth Littrell as a candidate? He has been at Indiana in that position for two years now and has consistently put up quality numbers. Littrell’s Hoosiers finished the 2013 regular season ranked 17th in pass offense, 32nd in rush offense and 20th in scoring offense. Obviously, that was done with Indiana talent, a level that I believe is comparable to Iowa State’s. 

Would a guy like Littrell come to Iowa State though?

According to what I have been able to dig up, Littrell, who played college ball at Oklahoma, made $365,500 this season. By comparison, Courtney Messingham made $302,000.

Remember that I am just using Littrell as a hypothetical example here but if Iowa State wants to land that sort of a name (which would be an outstanding hire in my opinion), the athletic department is going to have to open up its pocket book a tad, which I assume it would be willing to do if the right guy came along.