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Q&A: Cole Netten finds form vs. Texas

Iowa State’s redshirt freshman kicker Cole Netten is off to a hot start. The Ankeny product is currently 6-for-8 on the season. He converted on 37, 41 and 29-yard field goals in last Thursday’s 31-30 loss to Texas. 

On Monday, Netten spoke with members of the local media about his freshman campaign. Here is the transcribed Q&A. 

On Thursday when the offense was driving at the end of the game, what would have been a comfortable distance for you to kick from?

CN: A comfortable distance going that way is 50-yards. It’s possible to make it past that, but a comfortable range is 50.

What were you like on the sideline? Were you getting anxious?

CN:To be honest, no, I wasn’t. I was pretty calm. I just don’t think I had realized that it was coming down to a game-winning field goal yet. I feel like I would be a little more nervous as I was trotting out on the field but I was pretty calm.

Have you ever been in that situation before?

CN:I have, once in high school. It was a pretty easy 25-yard chip shot. Nothing like that.

Is that part of the process? You know, separating yourself away from the emotions and just going out there and kicking?

CN: When I go out there, it’s all quiet to me. Everything is blocked off. Whenever I am out there, I’m 10 times more focused.

Where are you at as a kicker right now compared to say, a month ago, now that you’ve actually gone out there and executed in an actual game? Do you feel more comfortable?

CN:Yes. A lot more comfortable. The first game was super nerve-racking. It almost feels routine now. I’ve been there before.

Did you need a game like the Texas game to get your confidence back?

CN:I did after that Tulsa game, missing two field goals. One of the things that separates a kicker and a great kicker is you bounce back the next game from a game like the one I had at Tulsa. 

You don’t often see a lot of guys redshirt at the kicker position. How did that extra year help you out as a player? 

CN:Two things: Comfort and strength. I came in not very strong to be honest. My lifts have gone up exceptionally and that has helped with distance and being comfortable out there. Two, the first time I ran out there on the field against UNI the very first time when I was redshirting, I almost fell over because my legs felt like noodles. It was crazy and something I’ve never experienced before. Having a whole year to go to all of the home games and travel to some away games made me more comfortable. The redshirt year was great. 

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