Williams Blog: K.J. Bluford’s upside

Through 24 games, Northeast Nebraska C.C. guard (and Iowa State’s latest commitment) K.J. Bluford has fired off an insane 244 3-point shots. For those too lazy to pick up a calculator, that is an average of over 10 bombs per game.

For comparison’s sake, Tyrus Mcgee has launched 132 3-pointers for Iowa State so far this season in 22 contests (an average of six per game). McGee is shooting 43 percent from long range right now. Bluford is currently converting at a 38.5 percent mark. But there is a difference though…

McGee has shooters all around him. One through five, every player in Iowa State’s starting lineup is a threat. For the 14-11 Hawks, that most certainly is not the case. Northeast Nebraska C.C. has one other player, Sean Scott, who has made 50 threes or more (Scott is a 33 percent 3-point shooter). Other than that, not one player on its roster has made more than eight on the season. 

Around the perimeter, Bluford is currently the lone wolf for his team. Night in, night out, the sharpshooter is the focal point of the opposition’s game plan. He is getting plenty of shots off right now but usually they aren’t clean looks due to double-teams and what not. 

This begs the question, what will Bluford be able to do with legitimate offensive threats and specifically threats from long range (in a Fred Hoiberg offense) around him?

“I think it is going to help a lot as far as my shot goes,” said Bluford. “It will come more naturally.”

I also asked Bluford what Hoiberg told him his role would be on the 2013-14 Cyclones.

“He says basically that I will be like another Tyrus McGee,” said Bluford.

There you go.