CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 12

Last week was a wild one in our expert pick’em competition.

Nebraska @ Penn State was a push, so we wiped that one clean and will make up for it this week.

Besides that, every single member of our panel went 3-2 or 2-3. Not much separation.

As a whole, this is setting up to be one of the worst weeks of college football games that I have seen in a while. Here’s what our crew thinks about what will go down.


Brent Blum, 38-26
Adam Gray, 37-27
Adam Carper, 34-30
Austen Arnaud, 34-30
Chris Hassel, 34-30
Chris Williams, 33-31
Trevor Enerson, 33-31
Dave Zawilinski, 30-34
Bret Meyer, 30-34


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – The good news is there won’t be a lack of focus for the Cyclone squad in this one. We all know how good Oklahoma State is, but I think the good guys are feisty enough to hang around for a while. Cowboys 38 Cyclones 27.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – Texas has some serious injury issues at running back and their quarterback play has been shoddy at best. K-State is like that creeper at the house party. Nobody knows how they get there, but they seem to always be lingering at the end of the night. Texas 24 K-State 21.

Oklahoma (-14)@ Baylor – There is absolutely no chance Baylor can stop OU. None. The question becomes can the Bears score 35? I don’t think so. OU rolls. Sooners 48 Baylor 31.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – Good to know Kansas is now inventing new ways to lose. Poor Turner Gill would probably come up empty in that "Pick a Duck, win a prize, everybody wins" game at the State Fair. He has no luck. Who knows with this line? KU shows some effort and backdoors this thing. A&M 42 Kansas 14.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Wow. Oh how far you’ve dropped Red Raiders. Their win against OU is entering the conversation for biggest upset ever with Iowa State-Nebraska in ’92 and Appalachian State-Michigan in ’07. How did that happen?  This team is more mentally fragile than Dorn in Major League right now. Lots of "ole defense." That said, Mizzou is without Henry Josey, and don’t think they can win by any more than 2 TD’s. Mizzou 37 Texas Tech 23.

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa is 3-6 in their last nine Big Ten conference games. The only team with a worse record over that span is Indiana. Yeesh. At least basketball season has started for the Hawks. Purdue is flat-out playing better right now. Boilermakers take care of business. Purdue 28 Iowa 17.

Nebraska @ Michigan – Two quarterbacks who can’t throw. Neat. I guess I will take Michigan. Michigan 24 Nebraska 21.


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – What a big spread for a road night game.  The fans will be there and you know Rhoads will have the players ready to go.  Starting fast is a must as we can’t do what we did against Texas and take the fans out of it in the 1st quarter.  I look for ISU to cover.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – At 1st glance I said K-State. But they are coming into Austin after having back to back emotional games.  Texas is back home after losing in a stinker to Missouri. Give me the home team to make a statement and barely cover the spread.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – Oklahoma.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30)  – What a dumb game for Williams to pick out.  -30?  Two teams that are a combined 3-11 in conference?  I have no idea on this game.  Coach Sherman’s inability to coach has cost me many games in this pickem.  I will fall for his team once again.  A&M covers.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Pinkel’s DUI is not what you need right now with Missouri still needing a win to get bowl eligible.  I think Tech finally steps up and plays a game they are capable of and covers.

Iowa @ Purdue  –
 Everyone is off the Hawks bandwagon.  Everyone is jumping on Purdue’s  That means it’s time to pick Iowa.

Nebraska @ Michigan –  When two teams seem so similar you always pick the home team.  Michigan wins.


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – With the combination of cold weather and ISU getting a couple turnovers, I think they do enough to cover.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – Still believe Texas is overrated and Kansas State is underrated.  Kansas State outright.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – Oklahoma still has an outside shot at the national championship game and Bob Stoops knows all too well margin of victory plays a factor in the BCS Standings (think last year’s Missouri game).  Oklahoma covers.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – Hard to predict a team covering a 30 point spread but that’s exactly what I’m doing.  A&M

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – With Texas Tech’s recent inconsistencies, who knows what team will take the field Saturday.  Give me Missouri.

Iowa @ Purdue – Game is away from Kinnick which doesn’t bode well for the Hawks.  Purdue.

Nebraska @ Michigan  – Nebraska has had issues all year stopping duel-threat QB’s.  Michigan in the Big House.


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – My 5 keys to victory will give my reasoning on this game but I am going with the Cyclones…Surprise, surprise!

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – The question is, will I get burned by the old man this week?  Nope, because I am going with the Wildcats this week, Collin Klein has proven to be one of the more efficient QB’s in the nation.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – I know this line is a little skewed for the missing of Broyles and Whaley.  But let’s be honest. Oklahoma has many targets and I believe WR Kenny Stills is one of the better targets in the country.  They will cover and beat Baylor in Waco.

Kansas  @ Texas A&M (-30) Kansas is playing tough right now and coming off of two heartbreaking losses to ISU and Baylor.  Im not saying this game will be close but I think Kansas plays inspired football once again and covers this spread.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Mizzou is coming off of a huge win at home against Texas where they limited an explosive Texas offense to just 3 points defensively.  And, Texas Tech is arguably the worst team in the Big XII right now.  Expect a huge day from the MIzzou backfield (Josey, Lawrence, Franklin), they cover at home.

Iowa @ Purdue – Purdue needs this victory to be bowl eligible and they just came off of a huge win against Ohio State, this is the definition of a trap game for Iowa.  This game and then the big showdown next week in Lincoln.  Purdue wins 26-21.

Nebraska @ Meeechigan – Nebraska is a one dimensional ball club that utilizes two players Rex Burkhead and Taylor Martinez.  This game should be interesting with two similar offenses in the run game, so what it comes down to is the play in the trenches.  I believe Michigan will be the agressor in this game, they win 34-29.


Hassel still doesn’t have his picks in for this week. Shame on him.



Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – READ ALL ABOUT IT RIGHT HERE.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – Before Kansas State entered this four game stretch from hell, I thought that the Wildcats would win on of them. I still think that is the case. This is a VERY tough game to pick, but I’ll take the Longhorns at home by 10.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – Trap game for the Sooners. Baylor will be ready to play and will cover the two touchdown spread.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – Despite the two losses, Kansas is playing its best football of the year right now. Mike Sherman’s A&M squad is a mess. Give me the Jayhawks to cover and I LOVE the under in this game.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – No Henry Josey and Gary Pinkel won’t be on the sideline? An inconsistent Texas Tech team will cover in Columbia.

Iowa @ Purdue – If I gambled, I wouldn’t touch this game with Arnaud’s money. Flip a coin, but give me Purdue as Iowa is terrible away from home.

Nebraska @ Michigan – You have to take the home team here right? Michigan.


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – To quote the famous Ben Crenshaw Ryder Cup statement -"I’m gonna leave ya’ll with one thought then I’m gonna leave. I believe in fate. I have a good feelin’ about this. That’s all I’m gonna tell ya."

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – Kansas State can’t score on the Texas defense. Texas can score slightly more on the KSU defense. UT covers 27-17.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-14) – Tough line. I think OU overlooks Baylor but not enough to lose. OU 38-27

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – Kansas is getting better. They aren’t going to win but they will cover. aTm-42-24

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Tech isn’t very good. Mizzou covers in the first half. Mizzou 52-17.

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa will stop the Purdue offense just enough to win. Iowa 24-21

Nebraska @ Michigan – Taylor Martinez vs. Denard. Give me the Michigan supporting cast. Michigan wins a nail biter. UM 27-24.


DISCLAIMER –  I am 2-10 over the past two weeks. If you’d like to make some serious cash, take my picks and GO THE OTHER WAY!! 

Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – Iowa State has several things going for them including the bye week and a short week for OSU. A night home game in November.  It will be cold. That being said I would be SHOCKED if they win but I’ll take 27.5 points any day of the week.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – KSU competed with OSU on the road and beat A&M at home.  I think they are more than capable of going on the road and winning this game.  I’ll take Snyder and Wildcats as they improve to an UNBELIEVABLE 9-2 on the year.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – Baylor almost and should have lost to KU last week. Nuff said. I’ll take OU.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – This line seems about right.  Believe it or not, A&M is not bowl eligible yet. That would quantify as a nightmare season for them considering their preseason expectations. Because of that I’ll take the Aggies.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Sounds like Mizzou will be without Pinkel. How much will that make a difference?  I’ll the Tigers. I think the Red Raiders are dead men walking.

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa has yet to win a game on the road and pursue us one win shy of bowl eligibility. Boilermakers get the win.

Nebraska @ Michigan – These teams are mirror images of each other.  Denard is better than Taylor and the game is in Ann Arbor. Going with the wolverines.


Oklahoma State (-27.5) @ Iowa State – This offense is too good. Okie State covers.

Kansas State @ Texas (-7) – K-State lost on the road by seven at Okie State. Won’t do the same in Austin.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Baylor – OU wins by 30 against a struggling Baylor squad.

Kansas @ Texas A&M (-30) – Kansas has improved as of late. A&M wins, but not by 30.

Texas Tech @ Missouri (-16.5) – Minus Gary Pinkel I don’t see Mizzou winning that big.

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa can’t win on the road. I like Purdue.

Nebraska @ Michigan – I like Michigan at home.