Williams Blog: Wide receivers in 2012

By Chris Williams, Publisher
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Iowa State’s latest 2012 football commitment intrigues me.

Quan West, a Texan (Willis) who stands tall at 6-foot-4, 210-pounds will bring something to the future of this football program that it needs more of in the present day. That is another physical, outside wide receiver with a big body.

Looking ahead to Iowa State’s 2012 football roster that doesn’t include West, the Cyclones will have one wide receiver who is taller than 6-foot-1 (that will be Donnie Jennert, who is 6-foot-7).

By comparison, Texas’ current roster boasts seven wide receivers that are 6-foot-2 or taller.

The speedy little guys like Jarvis West (5-foot-7) are nice to have on your roster. But a bulky target that can run sure makes things easier on a quarterback and also creates matchup problems for the opposing secondary.

NOTE:Take a look at Iowa State’s projected 2012 wide receiver roster below. Notice that the names with asterisks beside them will be true freshmen when they get to campus this summer. Those prospects could very well redshirt next season, which would make them freshmen in 2012.


Josh Lenz – 6-0
Chris Young – 5-11
Aaron Horne – 5-9 (pictured above)


Keith Blanton Jr. – 6-0 Jr.
Albert Gary – 5-9 Jr.
Donnie Jennert – 6-7 Jr.


Jarvis West, 5-7

* Quenton Bundrage, 6-1 (or RS Fr.)
* Tad Ecby, 6-1 (or RS Fr.)
* Teddy Lamkin, 5-8 (or RS Fr.)


Quan West, 6-4