Five Questions: With Georges Niang

By Chris Williams, Publisher

You know him as Georges Niang the basketball player. Niang, a 6-foot-7, 240-pound forward, committed to Iowa State’s 2012 recruiting class on May 15. Now it’s time to get to know Niang, the person, just a little bit more.

Niang is the centerpiece for this installment of “Five Questions.”

CF: Who is your favorite basketball player of all-time and why?

GN: I always loved Tracy McGrady. When I was younger, I thought I was a guard. Eventually I got back down on the block. He was my favorite player though.

NOTE: I followed up and asked how and why Niang finally decided that he was a big man.

“I used to play in town. Then we started traveling and I made a better team. Every time that I would bring the ball out on the perimeter, my coach would bench me right away. I got down on the block.”

CF: Take being a professional basketball player out of the equation. What is your dream job and why?

GN: I’d like to think that I could probably be a model….No, I’m just kidding. I would think that I could be a broadcaster (sports) or maybe even own my own company. I’m really competitive in everything that I do. I think that if I could have my own product or something like that. I’d like to create a product to satisfy people’s needs.

NOTE: Niang isn’t sure yet, but he’ll likely major in business or communications at Iowa State.

CF: What is your favorite movie?

GN: Coach Carter.

CF: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

GN: I like Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z and Meek Mill. But I listen to a dude from around here named Moufy. Make sure that you get his name out there. He goes to my school. He is up and coming and is going to be big time. (CLICK HERE to visit Moufy’s website).

CF: What about living in Iowa are you looking forward to the most?

GN: I can’t wait to be a part of the Cyclone Nation man. It is wild. The thing is that they love their athletes up there. When you work this hard, you like to be appreciated. When you’re appreciated, it is the best feeling in the world. Through ups and downs, Iowa State fans have been the best. They still sell out Hilton Coliseum. Being a part of that family is what I am most excited for.