Anthony Odunsi set for official visit

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Anthony Odunsi will take his official visit to Iowa State weekend. Odunsi was the first prospect to verbally commit to Fred Hoiberg back in May. Now, the 6-foot-3, 190-pound guard out of Fort Bend (Tex.) has some business to care of.

He’s looking forward to meeting his future teammates who weren’t around when he originally committed.

“I don’t know any of the transfers yet,” Odunsi said. “I knew that Coach Hoiberg was going to do some big things. I just knew that his recruiting would go well. I am excited.”

Odunsi told on Tuesday night that he’s gotten to know Iowa State freshman Jordan Railey pretty well. Surprise, surprise, he’s become very close with freshman Melvin Ejim.

“Every time I talk to somebody, they say I’m just like Melvin,” Odunsi said. “We have similar backgrounds in the way we were brought up. I feel like I have known him forever and I haven’t even known him that long.”

I feel like I’ve written this a hundred times but Ejim and Odunsi are like twins. Both have bodies that are ready for the Big 12 at a young age. Both are extremely well spoken young men. I remember covering another prospect who had these traits. His name was Craig Brackins.

Odunsi is now looking ahead to his senior season in high school, where his Fort Bend Travis team is the favorite to win the state championship. Joining Odunsi at Travis this year will be two of the top sophomores in the country, Aaron and Andrew Harrison, who have transferred there from Strake Jesuit (Houston), where they played last season.

“It is exciting,” Odunsi said. “Coach just wants me to do what I’ve been doing. If he needs me to get people involved, I’ll get people involved. If he needs me to score, I’ll score.”

Odunsi won’t be alone on his visit this weekend. Another member of Iowa State’s 2011 class, Elgin Cook will be in attendance as well.

“He is a monster,” Odunsi said of his future teammate. “He is a high-flyer and high-energy guy. He’ll be great for us.”