Williams Blog: 6-22 Cyclone notebook

By Chris Williams, Publisher — 6-22-10

Happy Tuesday Cyclone Fanatics! I write this blog from beautiful Kansas City today. Why? No, I’m not on some sort of a lame vacation at World’s of Fun. My wife (that sounds weird) just started her vet rotation down here so I tagged along to help her get acquainted to the area for a few days. I’ll be heading back to God’s country (Ames) later tonight.

That really doesn’t matter to you though. I thought that in today’s blog, I’d touch on just a few hot topics in the world of Cyclone athletics. Here we go.

The Iowa game

If the Big 12 really does switch to a nine game football schedule after Nebraska and Colorado are gone, should Iowa State still play Iowa on an annual basis?

My take? Absolutely. There is no reason at all that this game shouldn’t be on the schedule. Schedule cupcakes for the other two non-conference games. But keep Iowa on the schedule at all costs. This isn’t 1987 folks. Regardless of the year, Iowa State has a legitimate shot to knock off their rivals to the east. Just look back at 2007. Iowa was clearly the better team but in the battle for the Cy-Hawk (notice who’s mascot is listed first) Trophy, records generally don’t mean jack.

This game is too important for the state to cancel, just so the Clones can pick up an easy victory against the Akron Zips in September.

The only way I can see this game being cancelled is if the Big Ten expands to 14 or 16 teams. At that point, the conference could only allow teams to play two non-conference games. This would result in Iowa questioning if they want to keep the Clones on their schedule. In fact, I wouldn’t blame Iowa for doing this. Remember, since 1998, Iowa State is 7-5 against the Hawkeyes. So yeah, if I am Kirk Ferentz and I only have two non-confernce games to play before a loaded conference, a road trip to Ames is the last thing I’d want to see on my team’s slate.

The 2010 NBA Draft

If you haven’t read my interview with Iowa State assistant coach T.J. Otzelberger on Thursday’s NBA Draft, CLICK HERE. Coach Otz gives some nice insight on how Craig Brackins and Marquis Gilstrap’s success will help Iowa State on the recruiting trail.

Here’s what I’m hearing. Brackins will go anywhere from 20-30. Gilstrap will go anywhere from 40-60. But that’s just what I’m hearing. Things could end up looking totally different. Agents tend to throw around false numbers regarding their prospects the closer you get to the draft. We shall see.

Just an FYI for you here today. I don’t mean to brag, but CF is going to be your place for Cyclone-related NBA Draft coverage. In the coming days, look for interviews with Craig and Marquis, a column from Brent Blum on the draft and a piece from Kirk Haaland on the history of Iowa State and the draft. CF will also be providing a heavy dose of post-draft coverage on Thursday night as well. So as always, stay tuned and tell your friends.

Missouri, the villains in KC

As I mentioned in paragraph number one, I have been in Kansas City for a few days. I’ve been amazed with how down this entire area seems to be on Missouri. I talked to a few random guys at a bar down at the P&L District last night who weren’t amused at the Tigers recent antics in the conference realignment story. Sports talk radio down here seems to mock Missouri any chance they can.

I don’t have a problem with this. In fact, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

On Godfrey/Royce White

Here are a couple of men’s basketball notes.

Despite what the rumors might lead you to believe, Iowa State fully anticipates Calvin Godfrey to be in a Cyclone uniform next year. In fact, Otzelberger specifically mentioned Godfrey to me in that interview earlier today.

Also, just a quick note on Royce White. This story is getting to be a tad bit ridiculous. I’m tired of it. If you want to see Royce White in a Cyclone uniform, do not hold your breath. I’m hearing that the chances of this going down are very slim. But, don’t be surprised if Iowa State’s name is mentioned in this recruitment to the final hour. He’s simply too talented to forget about. Having said that, my gut says if he wanted to be a Cyclone, he would have made more of a move towards Ames by now.

According to this recent article by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, White is “leaning towards Kentucky.”

Generally, what Kentucky wants, Kentucky gets. Especially when that one guy is their head coach. I can’t think of his name right now…

Capital City League Coverage

I’m planning on attending a few Capital City League games tomorrow night. If you have any specific story requests to come from this, shoot me a PM and I’d love to do that for you.