CF Mailbag: 1-27-10

Happy Wednesday Fanatics! It’s time for another installment of my mailbag here at It’s my favorite column of the week!

For some reason, you Fanatics were awfully negative this week. The men’s basketball team’s 1-3 start in conference play had a lot to do with that I’m sure. I know that we have a lot of Vikings fans who frequent the site regularly. That makes sense.

Just a disclaimer before I get started…I had a handful of questions that involved the men’s basketball program and getting a new coach for next year. I’m not going to spend an hour answering the same question six times so I will consolidate those questions into one today.

Sound good? Let’s roll.

SuperCy writes: A guy at work predictably came into work on Monday hung over after the Vikings game Sunday. As an added bonus, he was limping from kicking something at home. His foot was still black and blue today. We all thought it was pretty funny that he was such an idiot over a game. How did you handle the loss Sunday? I just don’t get why people react like this to a sporting event.

CW: Sunday was absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst loss I have ever experienced as a sports fan. Three games compare to Sunday’s loss for me personally. Those are Iowa State’s football losses to Missouri and Kansas in the McCarney era (that would have sent Iowa State to the Big 12 Championship Game) and the 1998 NFC Championship game. But then I think about it and those don’t really compare at all to what went down last Sunday. In 1998, I was too young (14) to really understand what the Vikings were playing for. The two Iowa State losses really sucked, but in the end, they probably wouldn’t have gone onto win the title game anyway. However, a Holiday Bowl berth would have been kind of sweet in 2005.

Regardless, Sunday was not pleasant for me. My sister recently had twins so I went back home to see the family. I watched the game in her basement with my dad and brother-in-law. I seriously woke up at like seven on Sunday morning, already nervous for what was about to happen. I had a bad feeling all day long.

When the loss happened, I didn’t scream. I didn’t throw anything and honestly, I didn’t even curse. I did tear up. It was weird. I’m sure that any other diehard Vikings fan out there understand what I felt. It just sucked. Period. I can’t even describe it.

Matt Perrault wrote this awesome blog piece that describes my feelings pretty well. HERE’S THE LINK. Why do people act like this? I cannot explain it. I don’t get violent when my teams lose but I do hurt. I’m still hurting from Sunday. As a matter of fact, I don’t even want to watch the Super Bowl. Just thinking of New Orleans playing in that game makes me sick to my stomach. Can I please move on?

Hort4cy writes: Okay, when you guest host on Miller & Deace which is your favorite co-host…Miller or Deace?

CW: You don’t really expect me to answer that do you?

Kkise writes: You seem to have a fairly positive outlook regarding the Cyclones. How do you keep that outlook? Since this is your dream job, it would be easy to get down after a loss.

CW: Why not be positive? Life is too short to be negative about everything, especially sports. Sports are supposed to be something that we enjoy, in addition to the rest of our lives. Right? Friends, family, work…then sports. So why be so negative? Yeah, it is easy to get down after a loss but for the most part, I try to keep things in perspective. Just think of it this way. Iowa State will have success at some point in time. When that happens, it will be that much more special.

Meinhardt4ISU writes: What kind of coverage are you going to do for Signing Day. I’m so pumped for it to be here.

CW: I too am looking forward to Signing Day. It’s kind of anticlimactic this year though isn’t it? The class is just about full. There just aren’t as many surprises on Signing Day as there used to be. I’ll bring you all standard, in-depth coverage all day long with interviews from the Iowa State coaching staff. That is big day as far as basketball goes too because the men are at Baylor while the women will host Texas Tech.

GeronimusClone writes: If you had the opportunity to spend one night in Vegas partying with one celebrity over the age of 60, who would it be? I’m torn between Nick Nolte and Gary Busey.

CW: Three words GC…three words. Hank Williams Jr. Does anybody else really even belong in this conversation?

“All my rowdy friends are here on Monday night!”

I like to refer to him as “Uncle Hank.” Let me make an offer to you GC. If you get this set up for me, we’ll head to Vegas. The trip is on me. Deal?

Tec71 writes: Do you know anyone who knows more sports trivia (or cyclone trivia for that matter) than Assoc. Dir. of Athletics Communications Mike Green?

CW: As far as overall sports trivia goes, I am not 100 percent sure in Mike’s skills. As far as Iowa State men’s basketball goes, nobody is better. The man is a book. His knowledge of Cyclone basketball is second to none.

Tpups21 writes: Do you expect any big surprises next week on National Signing Day?

CW: If there are any surprises, they won’t be good for Iowa State in my opinion. I don’t foresee anything coming though. Keep an eye on Shontrelle Johnson. I’m still not 100 percent convinced that he is a “firm” Iowa State commitment.

4429 mcc writes: Lump these together if want to: Does the SID at Iowa State, give you any rules when interviewing coaches/players? Does the University in general monitor this site and what you publish? If you wanted to write something negative about the athletics department do you think it would hinder future interviews? Thanks, keep up the good work.

CW: No, I don’t have any rules given to me before conducting an interview. I’m not sure if Iowa State monitors the site. I would assume that they do but I have no way of knowing that for sure. And again, no, I can write/say whatever I want about Iowa State athletics. Iowa State treats me and this site just like they do every other member of the media.

D4nim4l writes: Follow up from last week… Kantril Horton vs Marquis Gilstrap. One on one. First to 10 wins. My money is on Horton. Guy was a tank.

CW: You want Horton? Cool…I’ll take Strap. That is a toss-up my man. A flat out toss-up. But give me the younger, fresher, Marquis Gilstrap.

Yaman3 writes: Chris..What is your favorite X games or Winter Olympic event and why?

CW: First of all, I don’t really watch the X-Games. I don’t have a problem with the event. Just not my thing. As far as the Winter Olympics go, I am awfully fond of the luge and also ski jumping. I cannot stand watching cross-country skiing or curling. You have to be a little bit nutty to luge or ski jump don’t you?

LindenCy writes: How is our depth looking in men’s bball? It seems like the bad news keeps coming. Any rumblings?

CW: The depth chart is well…um…not good. Iowa State currently has eight scholarship players. Marquis Gilstrap has a bad knee. He’ll play tonight but not at 100 percent. And Scott Christopherson is very sick. So basically, Iowa State has seven scholarship players. Next off the bench will be freshman walk-on Alex Dorr.

Cdekovic writes: What’s going on in the Football Office these days? Any position changes planned?

CW: I’m still working my way through interviewing the football staff. I’ll continue doing this over the next few weeks. The biggest move that I can think of is Ben Lamaak moving to center on the offensive line. From what I hear, Ben is excited about the move and so is Iowa State. Also, keep an eye on Cleyon Laing moving from end to the defensive tackle position.

Huntt26 writes: Do you think Brackins regrets not leaving for the NBA after last season? Will he be back if his numbers do not improve?

CW: I have no clue. Common sense would tell me that he halfway regrets it. I mean, why wouldn’t he? This year is obviously not going the way that anybody had hoped. I doubt he’ll be back, regardless of what his numbers look like. Craig just keeps getting older and that is a big deal to NBA franchises. Plus, NBA teams know that he can plan.

Chrishull14 writes: Do basketball coaches have specific duties? All of the football coaches have a position of emphasis. Do basketball coaches do this as well?

CW: I am sure that they probably do as far as recruiting/scouting the opposition goes. I assume that they do in practice as well. One guy will work with guards…one with the bigs etc. It is more structured than you’d think.

ISUonthemove writes: What does GMac have to do next year to keep his job? I’m assuming he is here next year.

CW: I am assuming that he will be here next year as well. What does he have to do to keep his job? I think that showing improvement is a good start. The team needs to play stronger at the end of the season they are right now. Basically, just give people any sort of hope heading into next year. But I agree with you that he’ll be back next season.