Coach says Givens is a two-year starter

A season within the actual season. That’s the world of major college football recruiting in a nutshell.

As of today, Iowa State has 20 members of their 2010 football recruiting class, according to Two members of that class hail from Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.

Both junior college prospects look to be legitimate contenders for playing time immediately next season for the Cyclones. Those men are two Chris Ash recruits, safety Durrell Givens and tight end Ricky Howard. recently caught up with Chaffey head coach Carl Beach to scout the two future Iowa Staters.

Durrell Givens is a 6-foot, 195-pound safety who Beach feels will make an abrupt impact in the Big 12.

“I think that he is a two-year starter,” Beach said. “He’s played a high level of football here in California, which I think prepares him for that next level. He did a very nice job in the two years that we had him as a safety in terms of learning the position and preparing himself. He has an uncanny ability to find the football when it is in the air. All of those things played out pretty well for us.”

Beach said that Givens could really play either safety position but one suits him better than the other.

“I am thinking that he’ll be a free safety,” Beach said. “But guys change things up so much at other levels. We interchanged out guys. They would drop down and be a strong or play up high and be a free as well.”

On Givens’ Strengths…

“I’d say his strength is as a cover guy. He can support the run too but he is better back as a deeper safety, taking care of the secondary.”

Chris’ Take:

Look for Givens to be right in there to battle for the starting free safety spot that is being abandoned by James Smith. Winning over the starting spot will not be easy though. Now-junior free safety Michael O’Connell showed promise when he stepped in for Smith during the thick of the Big 12 season about a month ago. Others will step up in spring ball as well. The Big 12’s Defensive Newcomer of the Year, David Sims will occupy the other safety position.

Check out tomorrow for a look at Givens’ teammate at Chaffey and another future Cyclone, tight end Ricky Howard.


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