Five Questions with Bret Meyer, 11-10

Not many people know Iowa State football like former four-year starting quarterback Bret Meyer.

That’s why we ask him five questions about the team every week here at

Here’s this week’s installment.

Saturday was obviously a rough one for the Iowa State offense. The Cyclones have struggled to put the ball in the end zone lately Bret. What is the biggest problem you see at this point in time?

BM: I understand everyone’s frustration with the lack of production from the offense. However, it is not uncommon for an offense in its first year to be somewhat inconsistent. After a slow start to Big 12 play, our offense played well at Kansas and home against Baylor. If Austen and A-Rob had remained healthy, I don’t think I would even be answering this question. Austen Arnaud came back from a hand injury Saturday after missing three straight games. Being a former quarterback, can you explain to the fans how tough it is for a guy to not be a little bit rusty after missing three weeks?

BM: Fortunately I never had to miss any time for an injury. But having played the position, I understand the importance of getting live reps in practice. Austen was unable to do so for the better part of three weeks. I expect for Austen to bounce back with solid efforts against Colorado and Missouri.

Iowa State is still one game away from being bowl eligible with two contests left. As a Cyclone fan, would you have taken this scenario if somebody offered it to you in July?

BM: Absolutely not. Having been a former player you understand the mindset of a team. Looking at the schedule going into the season, I believed we had a chance to win every single game. In seven of ten games, that has been the case. I still feel very good about our chances against Colorado and Missouri and going bowling in December. Colorado has been decent at home and terrible on the road this season. Can you explain why some teams perform that way?

BM: Playing on the road presents many distractions that you don’t have to deal with at home. (travel, locker room conditions, crowd noise, etc) Colorado has one of the unique home filed advantages with the altitude factor in Boulder. Why do the struggle on the road? Who knows, I would have to be in that locker room to attempt to answer that question. But having been on teams that struggled to win away from home, I can say that after a while it can become a mental burden.

The Big 12 is about as unpredictable as they come this year. Is this the craziest you have ever seen the league as far as not knowing what is going to happen, any given week?

BM: The past few years the North has been unpredictable as any conference in the country. I would agree that the 2009 campaign iss the first time I can remember all six teams having a legitimate shot at representing the North in the title game. That being said, it’s also no surprise that coach Snyder could have Kansas State in yet another Big 12 title game.


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