CF Expert’s Pick’Em: Week 12

As we do each and every week here at, it’s time now to let our panel of experts pick this week’s top college football games. Here’s this week’s rundown.


KXNO’s Ken Miller, 57-31 (6-4 last week)
ISU Football Alum Adam Carper, 50-38 (6-4 last week)
ABC 5’s Eric Murphy, 50-38(6-4 last week)
WHO’s Steve Deace, 50-38(6-4 last week)
CF’s Chris Williams, 48-40 (6-4 last week)
ISU Football Alum Bret Meyer, 48-40 (7-3 last week)

Ken Miller’s Picks

Iowa State @ Missouri – Bowl hopes are on pins and needles, Clones finish 6-6 and the waiting begins.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech – TT will revenge last yrs beat down, Red Raiders open up a can.

Kansas State @ Nebraska – And the right to get throttled by Texas, goes to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Baylor @ Texas A&M – Aggies are a different team at home, TAM.

Kansas @ Texas – Longhorns are in a class by themselves, Texas wallops the Mangino’s.

Cal @ Stanford – How about the job Harbaugh has done, Pac 10 COY. Stanford

Penn State @ Michigan State – Lets take Penn State.

Eric Murphy’s Picks

Iowa State @ Missouri – Wally dials up another strong defensive performance. ISU takes the telephone trophy and clinches a trip the postseason.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech- Sooners defense will stand up to the challenge.

Kansas State @ Nebraska- K-State’s bowl hopes will be done in by the Black Shirts

Baylor @ Texas A&M- I’ll go away from the defensive theme and say A&M puts up a ton of points on the Bears.

Kansas @ Texas- Will the troops rally around Mangino? My guess is they throw in the towel and Texas gets another step closer to the National Title Game.

Cal @ Stanford- The hottest team in the nation rolls. Harbaugh to Michigan rumors pick up steam.

Penn State @ Michigan State- PSU is not elite but the Lions are good enough to keep their BCS hopes alive.

Adam Carper’s Picks

Iowa State @ Missouri – I’m hoping I’m wrong but I think the Tigers win late.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech – Even with 4 losses, the Sooners are still the better team.

Kansas State @ Nebraska – Nebraska clinches the North and sends K-State home for the holidays.

Baylor @ Texas A&M – I think I’d rather watch Iowa’s basketball team than this sleeper…on second thought, I can’t wait to see A&M’s explosive offense! A&M.

Kansas @ Texas – Mangino can poke at his players’ chest as much as he wants this week, but he still won’t come away with a W.

Cal @ Stanford – Harbaugh continues to keep his team in contention for the Rose Bowl.

Penn State @ Michigan State – Penn State big on the road.

Steve Deace’s Picks

Iowa State 24, Missouri 23 – Cyclones will play loose and with confidence after getting that crucial sixth win.

Texas Tech 27, Oklahoma 24 – Sooners are banged up on defense, and Red Raiders are out to avenge last season’s woodshed beating.

Nebraska 24, Kansas State 10 – Give Huskers credit for rebounding to win the Big 12 North.

Texas A&M 34, Baylor 24 – Aggies need this for bowl-eligibility.

Texas 49, Kansas 17 – U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi ugly.

Stanford 31, California 24 – Remember when Jim Harbaugh really wanted the ISU job?

Michigan State 23, Penn State 21 – These are the types of games that Sparty wins.

Chris Williams’ Picks

Iowa State @ Missouri – Bad match-up for the Clones. Missouri 30, Iowa State 14.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech – Give me Mike Leach in this one. Oklahoma’s offense won’t be able to keep up. Tech 34, Oklahoma 24.

Kansas State @ Nebraska – Nebraska wins the North. Kansas State stays in Manhattan over the holidays. That’s depressing. Huskers 17, KSU 9.

Baylor @ Texas A&M – The Aggies shouldn’t have any problems. Next week they’ll play BCS spoiler against the Horns. You read it here first. A&M 42, Baylor 28.

Kansas @ Texas – It’s funny that many predicted this to be a Big 12 title game preview at the beginning of the season. Horn 45, KU 20.

Cal @ Stanford – A lot of hype surrounds Stanford right now. Give me Cal in this one, 27-20.

Penn State @ Michigan State – I’ll take the Spartans, 27-20.

Bret Meyer’s Picks

Iowa State @ Missouri -Clones control the LOS and keep Mizzous offense off the field ARob has another big day and the Clones get win #7. 20-17.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech-Oklahoma has trouble scoring in Lubbock. Texas Tech wins at home.

Kansas State @ Nebraska- Nebraska books a trip to Dallas with a win at home.

Baylor @ Texas A&M-Texas A&M wins big at home.

Kansas @ Texas-Not the best place to snap a five game losing streak. Texas rolls.

Cal @ Stanford-How can u pick against Jim Harbaugh and the Cardinal. Plus Tiger Woods is an horary captain. Stanford wins at home.

Penn State @ Michigan State-Penn State hasn’t beat a team with a winning record all year. Trend continues. Sparty wins at home.