CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 13


Chris Hassel, 44-30
Adam Carper, 41-33
Bret Culbertson, 40-34
Jack Whitver, 38-36
Dave Zawilinski, 37-37
Andrew Downs, 35-39
Austen Arnaud, 34-40
Brett McIntyre, 34-40
Trevor Enerson, 33-41
Chris Williams, 33-41
Brent Blum, 32-42
Kirk Haaland, 32-42
Adam Gray, 31-43


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Iowa should win but not laying 6 to Michigan.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Huskers should roll.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – A&M has only played TWO road games this year (tight wins at Ark/Ole Miss) but I think Johnny boy can cover the 4.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – The Ole Miss offense is rolling. I think the Rebels win their 5th straight game.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Okie State wins and steals the BCS berth from the Big 12.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – OU wins straight up.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Goodness gracious. Definitely not picking ISU to beat anyone by any amount of points. Even if it’s Kansas.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Michigan

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Nebraska is simply the better team.  Huskers cover.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – Johnny Manziel man-crush continues.  A&M

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Missouri

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Tired of betting against Baylor…Bears win big!

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – Oklahoma

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Cyclones win outright but only by a FG.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – I’ll take Michigan, but iowa wins by an FG

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Penn!

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4)- Tough call. I like LSU.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Baggett gets redemption. Mizzou.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Bears

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – K-State. 

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Give me the Cyclones.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Michigan has been playing with fire all season…there luck continues. MIchigan covers.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State –  The Bo Pelini era is coming to an end. Look forward to the meltdown by Husker fans after another loss. PSU covers.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – LSU’s offense cant keep up with A&M. Aggies cover and win outright.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss pulls the upset as they continue to improve.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Best game of the weekend…wish it wasn’t on the same time as ISU. As the pressure starts to build, the Bears answer. Baylor covers again!

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – Depends on who is under center for the Sooners. I’m guessing Knight starts and the Sooners cover.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6)  – Cyclones put it together for 4 quarters, get the Cyclone players, coaches and fans a much needed victory! ISU by 7.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Anti gut Iowa

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – PSU

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – LSU

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Mizzou

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Baylor

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – KSU

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – ISU


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Iowa. Michigan is not a good team, but I don’t feel great about this pick. Iowa will need to play a complete game to win by 7, and I’ll go out on a limb and say they do it.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Penn State. This may be wishful thinking, but I want Nebraska on a losing streak on Black Friday. 

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – A&M. Johnny Football is a big game on a big stage away from winning back-to-back Heisman Trophies…I think he gets it here. 

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Mizzou. I’m a fan of this Tiger team, and would love to see them in the SEC Championship game. I think they win easy here.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Baylor. I don’t think the Bears go unbeaten, but this isn’t the loss.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – Oklahoma. We saw last week how quickly they can put up points and change the game. I don’t think this will be close.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Kansas. If this was ISU -2.5, it would be a much tougher call for me. KU has some momentum and the Cyclones’ offensive woes have continued (or gotten worse). I hate to do it, but I have Kansas winning outright. 


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – After watching Michigan last week it is apparent no matter how much they cannot run the football, they still will try.  Devin Gardner is going to have to be spot-on through the air because that is obviously Iowa’s defensive weakness.  The Michigan skill players aren’t making as many plays as they are capable of and that is hurting Gardner, he is playing with minimal confidence right now. The Hawks on the other end have had an extra week to prepare for Michigan and I believe have the edge here, low scoring win for the Hawks. 17-10

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Penn State’s secondary is having a rough year, but how successful can Tommy Armstrong be through the air?  I am confident in saying that I won’t watch one second of this game. Huskers cover.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – This will be the best game of the weekend, another test for the magician Johnny Manziel, this guys should win the Heisman again he is electrifying again this year and no one can stop him.  LSU’s defense this year is not its strong suit, although this year they can hang in a shootout with anyone (not named Bama).  It will all come down to if the A&M defense can get stops, and I dont think they can get enough to win this game. LSU covers

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – A ton of emotion into this game, it will be Senior night in Oxford.  Ole Miss’ lone loss this year at home was to Johnny Manziel and the Aggies.  Missouri has had a great year to this point, but they will struggle in these last two game @Ole Miss and then home against A&M… Ole Miss covers.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – I don’t think Baylor is a top 4 team. Oklahoma State is a very tough team at this time of year,  especially down the stretch.  Okie State UPSETS the Bears and rushes for 400 plus yards on the suspect Bears’ front seven.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – Arguably one of the hottest teams in college football at the moment, Coach Snyder has got these kids playing hard.  Oklahoma on the contrary relies a little too much on athletic ability and isn’t very sound fundamentally as a team.  I like the Wildcats at home here to cover the 3.5.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Cyclones are favored, first time in awhile.  This game should look to be very interesting as both teams are struggling but KU got there first Big XII win in a long time last weekend agaisnt WVU.  Look for this Cyclone defense to respond in a big way after being embarrassed on the ground last week in Norman.  The Cyclones are finally going to put it all together toward the end of a game and close out the Jayhawks and win by a TD.  What a great honor it has been watching seniors like Broomfield, Washington, White, JG, Woody, Shontrelle… these guys are better leaders and players than what the record indicates, I salute these guys.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Michigan. Cold/low scoring. Iowa wins, but Michigan covers.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Penn State. I don’t trust Nebraska to win this on the road.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – A&M. I’ll take the Aggies to pick up a signature win for Manziel’s campaign at back-to-back Heisman seasons.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Missouri. I really don’t have much of a handle on this game, so I’ll go with the Tigers just a bit too tough for the Rebels.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – Oklahoma State. I think they’ll at least cover. I think they’ll probably be on the doorstep of winning before one mistake sinks it.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Kansas. The frigid cold allows ISU to lean on the D. There will be very little offense period here, so I think that will mask the struggles of this season somewhat. Cyclones win, but Kansas covers.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Michigan’s offense is awful. They cover but Iowa wins. 

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – I’ll take NU to cover.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – Give me aTm here. I just think Manziel is good enough to beat a pretty good LSU team. 

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Give me Mizzou. This is a tough one and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go either way. 

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – This spread isn’t very Baylor like. Vegas must think OSU found something. I just don’t see OSU hanging in there. Baylor covers. 

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – I have to take KSU here. Snyder is just unbelievably good at getting a team together. 

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – I’m going to do it. Iowa State covers but KU wins. 


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Iowa wins. Michigan covers. 

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Skers by 10. A win-win for me though. I’d be much happier to be wrong and watch them lose. 

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – HERE’S JOHNNY! 

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – The Rebels are a young team that just keeps getting better. I’ll take them in an upset. 

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – I saw a tweet with ice on the field in Stillwater this morning. Give me the Cowboys to cover based off of that fact alone. 

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – I don’t trust either of Oklahoma’s quarterbacks in Manhattan. Bill Snyder please. 

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Due to the weather, I’ll pick Kansas to cover. Still, I like the Cyclones to win though. 


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – Iowa 17 Michigan 14.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Penn State 30 Nebraska 24.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – A&M 34 LSU 30.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss 27 Mizzou 24. 

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – BYE BYE ART. Oklahoma State 38 Baylor 37.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – I see Vampires. K-State 30 Oklahoma 21.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – These guys deserve one. Iowa State 21 Kansas 13.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) – I don’t think Michigan is very good. Iowa wins, but it will be tight to beat that spread. Yet, I’ll still take Iowa. 

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – If this were turnover margin I’d definitely go with Nebraska…I will anyway.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – Manziel.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Tigers are too good to not cover this one.

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State – UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! WRONG TEAM FAVORED! I’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks, but I think Okie State picks off Baylor here. On one hand I want a B12 representative in the national title game. On the other hand my jealousy would skyrocket if Baylor somehow managed to pull that off. Cowboys cover and win (in the face of all conventional wisdom).

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – Kansas State is getting better and while Oklahoma looked better for one week I think the Wildcats pick off the Sooners again this year.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Cyclones, because I don’t want to live in a world where Iowa State’s worst teams still can’t beat Kansas at home.


Michigan @ Iowa (-6) –  Michigan is a fraud (I’ve said that every week) but I think they cover this game against Iowa.  Iowa still wins though.

Nebraska (-2) @ Penn State – Nebraska wins on the road and covers.

Texas A&M @ LSU (-4) – A&M doesn’t play defense and LSU slows down Johnny football enough to both win and cover at home.

Missouri (-3) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss has a lot of talent but they are too young to beat this Mizzou team.  Missouri wins by 10

Baylor (-9.5) @ Oklahoma State  – The game is close for a half but Baylor is to much for OSU to handle and covers on the road.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State (-3.5) – I’ll take OU to win outright.

Kansas @ Iowa State (-6) – Iowa State wins but doesn’t cover.  Clones win on a late Cole Netten FG!