More Quotes from Lincoln

Here are some quotes from Nebraska players…I read through all of the quotes upon Not one made reference to Iowa State this weekend. They’re all about the issues in Lincoln right now. Interesting.

Here are a few quotes that caught my eye.

Ndamukong Suh Quotes

On the psyche of the team

“I think the psyche is real good. I feel that even though we had a tough loss and even though it wasn’t the way we wanted to come out last week, we still know all of our goals are still intact. A lot of what happened last week was due to us. It wasn’t so much Texas Tech, even though they played a good game and capitalized on our mistakes, but a lot of that had to do with us. We didn’t play our game at all so we know if we played our game and did everything right and were playing close to a perfect game, then if they beat us, then we obviously have some things to look over. We know our mistakes. We watched the film yesterday, we know what we have to correct, especially on the defensive side of the ball. We can go from there.”

On what he’s looking for the defense to do better on the field

“Up front, I felt like we got after the quarterback pretty well. We were just tackling, we can obviously strip the ball and get some turnovers, do some different things. In the back end, they played pretty well for the most part. We had our hands on the ball, whenever we get the opportunity to get our hands on the ball we need to take that opportunity and make the most of it; we didn’t do that as we did in the previous games. Those small things like that we can key on and try and do in this upcoming game.”

Zac Lee Quotes

On if he feels the state of Nebraska against him

“That may be how Coach Pelini is viewing it. It’s not easy being in this state and being in the situation I am in. I’ll be honest with you guys, but it is what it is. There is nothing I can really do about it besides go in Saturday and do my thing.”

On if he’s started to feel the real pressure that comes with the quarterback job

“Really when I’ve first got here I kind of looked at it like you’re in a fish bowl. You have to just put everything on the backburner, even the positives. If you look at the positives and start reading your own stuff, you get caught up in it. You have to keep yourself focused on what is going on around here. No one knows what is going on in our meeting room and practices, only we know. That is how it is. I’ve just tried to keep myself focused on what I can control and stay focused and just go from there. It’s tough, but you have to do it for your own mental sanity really.”

Cody Green Quotes

On if he thinks he deserves a chance to start

“Yeah, I think I do. I think I have a pretty good chance just because of the way the offense is set up. I know it could go for me or Latravis (Washington), really anybody, just because that is the way we’ve been brought up with Coach Watson. He’s always instilled in our heads to play as if we were the starter and to compete. That is the main thing he always says, to compete. Of course in my head I am always thinking that I am going to be the starter one day, I’m going to be the starter. Now I just have that chance.”

On how many plays he knows now

“A rough number, probably somewhere around 270 or 260. If Coach Watson was right in front of you all and he started saying plays, they would start popping up in my head.”

On if it’s hard to not buy into everyone saying he should start

“It’s not as hard as I thought it would be probably because as a recruit we are always asked if we want to start when we get to college as a freshman. That is just something that I have grown accustomed to letting it go in one ear and out the other as fast as it can. It helped with the people I grew up with back home, the guys I have here, the coaches that have kept me humble. They always say stay humble, stay hungry. Whenever you do that, what the media says, what’s on the newspaper and the blogs doesn’t bother you. You don’t have the urge to read that stuff and read what they say. You really know what is really happening within the team. Not many people know that. It helps a lot knowing you have the comfort of the coaches and players that they have your back no matter what. So be it, if I start, great. If I don’t, it’s OK. I’ve been doing that these past weeks, I’m still going to prepare myself the same way, there is going to be no difference to it.”


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