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    I know the mods will delete this thread, ..... I know people are gonna throw steele under the bus, Steele needed that, I've got some friends on the team, and even after the win, noone was more upset than Steele Jantz. He didn't play well tonight, but the kid knows what he is doing, KO and Steele have some ankle problems, great time for a bye week. I feel for Steele, even after the Iowa win, he is still an outsider. I'm glad we could break him in hard at UConn. In the end, teamwork on both ends won it, Wally Burnham is a guy we never wanna lose, after half, our offense battled back. Our boys never quit, be proud.

    I'm not gonna look at any other threads tonight, Steele Jantz is still the real deal, Our Defense is even better..... Please have some mercy on Steele. The guy is gonna fight the rest of the season on a bum ankle.

    Go State, GO STEELE
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    I can see why your name is CSheen.

    Who hates on Steele? He had a lousy first quarter, but still managed to get like a 110 QB rating.
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    He had a bad first quarter, yes. But what is much more important than any mistake is how one recovers. He shook it off and did what he needed to to help us win this game. Not an easy thing to do in his first BCS road game.
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    who or where were people calling him out? maybe my reading is off tonight (wouldn't be the first time today), but I haven't noticed it.

    Dude played large. As for the outsider part, well he could talk to others. Most people in Iowa are pretty nice.
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    He loves to shoot himself in the foot... but he looks more and more like a winner every time I see him play. His first interception a well placed ball could have been a TD. The second he threw into very tight coverage and again he had a ball bounce off of one of our players into the other team's hands. They did a great job at shutting down his running, but overall he finds a way to win. THAT is amazing.
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    With out the mobility Steele sux.
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    seriously Bosco? does someone need another beer? you may have past CyValley for most ridonk poster on the board with that ONE line.

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