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    Nebraska gives Scott Frost much deserved extension

    I heard Fidone hurt his knee and needs surgery. They hope to have him back towards the end of the season.
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    Emergency Pod: Eli King commits to Iowa State

    These are becoming daily podcasts and I could not be happier!
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    3/6 Rim Shots

    USC -3 Kentucky -8.5 St. Bon +2 Butler +12.5
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    College Basketball Thoughts: March 5, 2021

    Western Mich -2 Georgia Tech -9 Colorado St -1.5
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    College Basketball Thoughts: March 4, 2021

    I listen to Sportsline's early edge and they had Duquesne +4, which is looking good right now. They also gave out UCF -3.5, Dayton -3.5, and Iowa St +17. I believe they said TT is 2-8 ATS at home last 10
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    For sure wait until it dries up. It is a pain to clean muddy blades. If the weather cooperates enough that it is dry and the grass really hasn't started growing yet, get it done! It will still dethatch if actively growing, but in my experience the dethatcher fills up faster because it is pulling...
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    Iowa Football Recruiting

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    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Now do it without Doyle
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    THE Breece Comparison

    Marcus Allen is a good comparison too. Not lightning fast but quick and shifty enough to make the first guys miss and get chunk yards.
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    Iowa State FOCO Gaiter

    I just got one this week. They are pretty long and able to double up. Seems real nice.
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    *** Official Texas Tech vs #24 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Is Jihrel Brock hurt?
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    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    wonder what his reaction will be when the teams kneel:mccaffery: