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    LHN in St. Louis?

    Perfect! Thank you!
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    LHN in St. Louis?

    In town this weekend for a wedding (Clayton). If anyone knows of a bar in the area that might have the LHN, I’d appreciate an assist
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    Facilities and financial update from Jamie Pollard

    I suspect the plan is to bring in some businesses that generate daily, M-F employee and customer traffic during traditional business hours. Then the ISU events create the nights and weekend traffic to ensure the small retail and restaurants that will occupy the area have regular, consistent...
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    Facilities and financial update from Jamie Pollard

    You are making the assumption that the buildings that will be constructed will be retail. While there will be some retail/restaurants, I’m betting much of the square footage will be occupied by other concerns such as healthcare, ag or engineering entities that will see value in proximity to the...
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    Do OU and Texas stay through 2025?

    Everyone keeps talking about Alabama, and rightly so given the Saban effect. But if you look 5 years out, I‘m betting they will return to the pack and another program will become the alpha. I think the older Saban gets, the more his age/retirement will be used against him in recruiting. It...
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    Great cover songs

    Def Leppard‘s Yeah album were covers of some of their favorite bands. I really liked the covers of ELO and The Kinks
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    For those that were at the game, what was being chanted at the very end; I thought they were doing cyclone, power, but that didn’t sound like it on TV.
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    Wednesday OT: best "voice" you've heard at a concert

    Nope, class of 81. Go Muskies!
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    Wednesday OT: best "voice" you've heard at a concert

    Best voices I’ve heard live in no particular order. IMO, each singer could pretty much replicate what was produced in studio and combining that with the energy of being live, let’s just say if I could relive events in my life, several concerts would be towards the top of my list. Pat Benatar...
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    Conveniences in a house build.

    House hydrant. Here is something I would add to a new home build list; going to have one placed in my garage soon. Will make car washing/garage cleaning much more convenient
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    After seeing two people stepped up for a $10M pedestrian bridge to JTS, I’ve reset my thinking on buyout barriers. If JP had a candidate that generated excitement, I may be wrong, but I suspect there are some donors out there willing to go to bat for ISU’s basketball program In a similar matter...
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    Oklahoma vs Florida twitter

    I believe UF had 9 starters out; 4 from the defense side...assuming SportsCenter was correct this morning
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    Friday OT #1 - Schlemiel Schlimazel

    I wish Northern Exposure would get picked up by a streaming service. it was a quirky show with interesting characters that I enjoyed.
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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    I remember when the first album dropped; it was so different from anything I had been listening to. While they were a band I enjoyed, they were never in my top favs. I saw them in concert several times and of all the great guitar riffs from Eddie, the live version of this one was tremendous...
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    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    well, there is this from the SEC