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    Hunter Dekkers Concerns?

    For me, I expect a backwards move to avoid disappointment and hope to be proven wrong. WR corps should be better but with a TE group exit, the offense won’t look anywhere close to what we are used to seeing the last 3 years.
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    Avatar 2 trailer

    Visuals alone are worth watching.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

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    Home building costs

    We built right before Covid so dodged a bullet big time. I would hate to build now, not worth it.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    If he goes to KU, he needs to get some rough Ames treatment. Constant boos every time he touches the ball
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Can’t fault him for looking after his own self interest. With that said, hope he loses every game even though I know he won’t.
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    Big 12 Refs, Man... Technicals Out of Hand

    Refs forcing emotions out of games is a problem across all sports and frankly makes every game a bit more boring as a viewer as well.
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    NOPE trailer

    Looks great
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    Peacemaker - HBO Series

    This show is hilarious.
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    Complete BS Rumors that the B10 is expanding ...

    If B10 added two more, I could see ND and maybe KU
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    ISU Apparel

    For $105, it better be comfy
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    Isheem Young enters transfer portal

    I am not sure the recruiting will effect us too bad, it’s going to be retaining. Hopefully we can get in on some players in the future but who knows.
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    Isheem Young enters transfer portal

    To be fair, you saying “Coaches need to figure out ways of building teams for the 21st century and they'd better get creative soon.” Is like saying these mom and pop stores need to figure out how to compete with Amazon. It’s true, but equally difficult and probably unrealistic.
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    Isheem Young enters transfer portal

    Wow… Looks like college football is dying faster than I thought.
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    This is probably a dumb question

    To be fair, we have not even played a game in our league yet. There is a lot of time left. I hope they keep the intensity and chemistry but time will tell.