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    Cy-Hawk Game This Year: Revenge or Just Shutting Up Their Idiot Fans?

    A common narrative about Matt Campbell is his winless record vs Iowa. I will point out that Paul freaking Rhoads who ran an inferior ISU program went 3-4 vs Iowa... so **** happens. One edge I give Iowa is Ferentz's experience. While schematically the offenses/teams are different, the...
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    Pac 12 expansion article

    Is Vegas really the answer for the CCG attendance issues? Abysmal turnout for recent CCGs tells me that the fans are only half as invested as other P5 conferences. Vegas would certainly help, but I don't believe that alone will fill a stadium. Determine who the home team team is for the CCG...
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    Les Miles Done For?

    Certainly comparable. Starting w/ 1990-1999 (10 seasons), ISU had Twelve Big12 wins in that span, and did so with fewer conference games than KU plays now. ISU had 3 seasons with 2 conference wins in that span & only 1 winless Big 12 season. KU has not seen 2 Big12 wins in a season...
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    Les Miles Done For?

    Kansas football stuck in neutral for yet another regime change. Bummer. I felt that KU made some strides in 2019 with a handful of competitive losses, but regressed last year. I think they were very inexperienced in 2020, but this won't help The best thing about Covid 19 for KU football was...
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    Annual Tecmo Bowl & R.B.I. Baseball Nintendo tourney

    Starting to put some thought into the 2021 event. Unfortunately Covid is still something that needs to be dealt with in terms of planning, preparation, and location which offers some hurdles to put this event on. 2020 event occurred back in August. A very spacious empty office building fell...
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    Anyone else hearing that JP has already decided Prohm is coming back?

    While Pollard has made some high level hires that flopped (FB/MBB) he has been an incredible success taking ISU out of the medieval ages in terms of facilities that allow ISU to compete with the rest of the CONF. His vision for ISU facilities back in 2006 is still materializing. I'd put him on...
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    Just tested positive for the COVID...

    Had a case of the tired the first couple days, then developed into cold like symptoms for about 3/4 days. Had trouble breathing after walking up a flight of stairs for example. Also had difficulty breathing upon waking up and moving around. Lost taste/smell for about a day. Took about a...
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    Purchasing decisions - alternative meat, milk, and organic products

    Im ok with vegetable meat alternatives. Veggie burgers, veggie chicken strips, etc. Even got my 6 year old eating some veggie chicken strips. Been on an almond and rice milk kick lately. Can't say I buy much organic though. Ive probably had 3 or 4 impossible whoopers in the last month.
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    Best Cyclone Sports Memory?

    A couple that may have not been included, but stick out for me, 09 Insight bowl win. The 1st Big 12 tourney title under Hoiberg. Believe that was against Baylor(?) The transformation of a competent team via Rhoads & staff in 09. Felt like the sky "could" be the limit. Winning conf...
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    Final Ranking?

    On a serious note could see ISU as high as 7th. Perhaps sneak past Georgia due to a dominant win vs the duckies to get there. I anticipate 8th though, I'm not watching ATM right now, but if for some reason they got destroyed by the Heels, maybe even 6th. Highly unlikely.
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    Final Ranking?

    I predict that ISU shockingly finishes ahead of Coastal Carolina, Cincy, and mother ******* Indiana. Take it to the bank!
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    Passing game — Fiesta Bowl

    Iowa State has finally morphed into the Bill Snyder Wildcats, but with bowl game wins. By putting a stake into the heart and finally killing Dracula to finish the 2018 season, Matt Campbell absorbed Snyder's powers and added them to his attributes. Now the transformation is complete! Dark...
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    *** Official #25 Oregon vs #10 IOWA STATE Fiesta Bowl Game(Day) Thread ***

    ISU, please win today. Could use a little more shine on this season.
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    NOTEBOOK: Charlie Kolar has a message for the haters

    What about his message to the "haters AND losers"? :D Purdy was under strong pressure all day. Dude still went 27-40 for with 322 yards with 3 throws he's love to have back. Hopefully the O-line improves heading into 2021 & we don't see the pressure-laden loses like OSU/OU.
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    The last time you took a loss this hard

    Had this been a Rhoads/McCarney team that won the north and lost a down to the wire Big12 title game, it would have been so devastating. There was a MOUNTIAIN in front of them to even consider winning the championship. However knowing "on paper" ISU will be one of the favorites to be back in...