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    Tyrese Haliburton injures left knee ...

    Another possible reason for the delay could be that the MRI was done in Dallas and I doubt their ortho guys travel with them so they want to have their docs review the test before releasing any results. At this point with only a couple weeks left in the season I would doubt we will see him...
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    My guess is that is for personal use of a school plane that is billed by the hour / mile or something like that.
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    Fran losing multiple players!

    Academic All-State in basketball that year was a head scratcher too. They released the list of who was on on the team and no Conner - but magically when they introduced them at the state tournament he had been added???
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    Very true - but Kim seems to have a large ego and has been the top bear in Waco for a while. I just think the MBB win may lead her to consider a move.
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    She is now likely in the back seat behind Scott Drew. MBB Nat'l Champs >> 3X WBB Nat'l Champs and more current.
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    Iowa State, Memphis, Virginia Tech, and Xavier will headline the 2021 Preseason NIT.

    I would not think that he preseason NIT would interfere with a Thanksgiving holiday tournament.
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    Madison Wise grad transferring

    I believe she wants a MBA and I don't think you can get accepted into the program at ISU without 2=3 years of relevant real world experience.
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    NCAA in the Supreme Court

    There is a conflict here too with law as it was ruled illegal when college basketball used to have the restricted earnings coach that was designed as an entry level position but had a cap on what they could earn and was consistent for all schools. The courts ruled that it was illegal to have...
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    Twister Sister Summary - Season ends in the worst way

    Also - no one seems to recognize that the team we played was 25-2 and the regular season SEC champs. They are an exceptional team. The regular season finale a year ago against Baylor was celebrated as one of the top accomplishments in ISU WBB history. If the foul would not have been called at...
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    On to next year

    I think Chelsea Poppins would be the last true power post we had.
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    By that standard what would they say about Steyer who shot 50% from three for his career at ISU.
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    Christie Martens is the Head Women's Golf Coach
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    Twister Sister Summary - they just got it done

    I think a lot of the shot distribution had to do with the defense Donarski played on Clouden - she just did not allow her a lot of freedom or ability to get looks at the basket - and did it without fouling!!
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    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    The local media coverage mirrors this - updates daily on Drake and IA men's teams in NCAA but not a mention of the two WBB teams.
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    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    If her husband was the ISU head coach and with three kids I really doubt Allison would have the time or desire to do this. Also she has not shown any inclination to get into the coaching profession. No Offense - but it always surprises me to see former players (men and women) that have not...