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  1. MartyFine

    WILLIAMS: Breece Said It Best … Three Up, Three Down

    Watching game again I think we should give credit to Assalley for making those FGs from the hash marks. Vance played one of his best games as a Cyclone also.
  2. MartyFine

    "regular season championship"

    Not really we want to win it now, but ISU’s conference record will be the best it’s ever been.
  3. MartyFine

    Breece Hall quote

    Yeah that was before Mizzou left for the SEC.
  4. MartyFine


    Every player ISU recruits is a stud because they all want to work.
  5. MartyFine

    Penalty on Dicker's miss off the upright

    Amazing we won however we look at it. Texas O-line holds every down just like last year
  6. MartyFine

    Longhorns Rooting

    Texas can beat ISU and still fire Herman...
  7. MartyFine

    THE Breece Comparison

  8. MartyFine

    Tell us why this isn't vs Texas 2018

    We've had multiple starters out for weeks now.
  9. MartyFine

    Tell us why this isn't vs Texas 2018

    Tell me why this isn't 2010?
  10. MartyFine

    Breece Hall and Troy Davis Impressions

    They are different but I think the one thing both had is vision. Ability to see where the hole is and where it’s going to be. Something that can’t be taught.
  11. MartyFine

    Would you be in favor of changing the school colors?

    Black isn’t a color. Nor is white. Both are shades.
  12. MartyFine

    Time to pay the man

    Need 20 more years
  13. MartyFine

    Not getting ahead of myself.... Okay i am.

    Simply imagining a packed JTS in September is getting ahead of ourselves.
  14. MartyFine

    Kansas State

    Are we playing for a spot in the Big 12 title game or not? I don't want anything in the way, if yes, including weather. But the extended forecast isn't looking that bad right now.