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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    there's no way Texas gets both Groves and Bishop..... right?
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    ummmmmm yes please
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    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class (List in #1 and #2 posts)

    He’s known for fake sources, it’s not premium info
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    Robert Jones commits to ISU

    9 and 5 at Denver doesn’t scream “Big 12 Talent” but I guess I’ll trust TJ on this one.
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    Proven success at a high-major and a 40% shooter from 3? Yes please.
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    ***Official 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread***

    Sad that the game-tying shot is gonna be all for nothing
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    Yeah I really like the move.
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    Tyrese Hunter note

    It only took 12 posts to get off-topic (again). It makes it really hard to look at these threads because the actual information is just going to be blended in with the Foster-Henry nonsense.
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    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    Who cares about university ties? We need a winner. TJ isn’t winning at UNLV. Pass.
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    ***Official 2021 Selection Sunday Thread***

    Something tells me USC will make a run. I have them beating Iowa to take a spot in the Elite 8 where they lose to Gonzaga.
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    ***Official 2021 Selection Sunday Thread***

    As a HS student I’ve been getting emails from colleges. Grand Canyon is one of them. Haven’t thought much about it. That just might change.
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    Steve Prohm says he'll meet with Jamie Pollard to discuss his future next week...

    The fact that South Dakota State and San Diego State’s abbreviations are both SDSU makes this post really confusing
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    ***General CBB 2020-21 Season Thread***

    Virginia wins at the buzzer vs Syracuse. Great start for CBB today.