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  1. CyArob

    What is Sagarin smoking this season?

    Seems legit having Nebraska at 33
  2. CyArob

    Would you be in favor of changing the school colors?

    BDK has a lot of names
  3. CyArob

    Would you be in favor of changing the school colors?

    Yes voters should be launched into the sun
  4. CyArob

    CFB games 11/20 weekend

    The refs are having a rough time in the IU-OSU game
  5. CyArob

    CFB games 11/20 weekend

    Indiana is going to get obliterated
  6. CyArob

    Merged Covid Megathread

  7. CyArob

    Iowa High School Football Playoffs

    Sightly southwest of Waukee
  8. CyArob

    Hawk Report “official thread”

    Both of these teams should be launched into the sun
  9. CyArob

    Merged Covid Megathread

    Yeah but now 5 times more cases and skyrocketing
  10. CyArob

    Ivy League Cancels BB Season...

    Terrible take
  11. CyArob

    YouTube is down worldwide

    It's back up for me!
  12. CyArob

    Another PC computer and now I need to sign in with Microsoft...need advice.

    I'd just do one account, but I'm also lazy.
  13. CyArob

    Electric & PHEV Vehicles

  14. CyArob

    The Social Dilemma - Netflix

    What if I told you CF is part of the cabal
  15. CyArob

    2020 Stocks

    Zoom plummeted, which I guess makes sense