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  1. clone4life82

    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    that is completely bad @ss
  2. clone4life82

    Blake Hinson to Miss 2020-21 Season

    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery whatever it is!
  3. clone4life82

    What music are you listening to right now?

    bumping your quote but when I’m at work and having a crappy day, I play this video and the stress just melts away.
  4. clone4life82

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    well played. This kid can absolutely get to the rack at will and it appears as though his defenders aren’t guarding him too closely at the 3 pt line. If he can develop any sort of outside shot (not obvious in that highlight), he will absolutely break legs in college.
  5. clone4life82

    Woodworkers Thread

    I mentioned it before but my first time ever doing any staining and/or topcoat, we used an pipe based poly topcoat. I cut it with mineral spirits and had a nice brush but I still got some air bubbles in it. For my first time I don’t think it turned out bad but if I were to do it again, I might...
  6. clone4life82

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    too much explosiveness and too many dunks.... do not want
  7. clone4life82

    Basketball Season to Start Nov. 25

    I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out as well
  8. clone4life82

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    im of the opinion that he should take the best available talent if he can make the lineup work. I don’t think you can have enough athletic guards so as long as you have some talented size on the wings and down low
  9. clone4life82

    Woodworkers Thread

    What kind of wood and what’d you use for finish on the table? I’m not even to the newbie level of woodworking but I like the look of that. I tried doing a desk for the kids and it turned out ok with the stain but the oil based polyurethane didn’t turn out how I wanted. I couldn’t get it to...
  10. clone4life82

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    I’m just glad the Celtics didn’t pull that out due to smart’s flop at the end
  11. clone4life82

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    cant remember where I saw it but weren’t we recruiting Chet holmgren (#3) also?
  12. clone4life82

    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    I feel like anytime there is a double header in baseball, more often than not, the teams split which wouldn’t help the cubs a ton. It’d be nice to see the cards And reds get swept but I’m not sure I would bet on it.
  13. clone4life82

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    6th highest pg in the class huh??? I suppose we’ll take him...
  14. clone4life82

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    siakim was nonexistent this series
  15. clone4life82

    Nebraska vs The Big Ten

    I’m soooooo going to enjoy this (grabs popcorn)