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    Please delete this account. DONE with CF. Too many self-righteous ********.

    Please delete this account. DONE with CF. Too many self-righteous ********.
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    Friday OT #2 - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

    I had a research asst job in the basement of Black Engr for a couple years. I would pack in my lunch, and rather than eat in the lab, go up the west stairs. The stairs went up past the 2nd floor to the roof, so no one ever went up there. But I could sit in the huge ledge of the window and be...
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    Comet Neowise

    I was able to see it naked eye last night in clearer skies. It was actually better in binoculars than with my 8" reflector. Had some issues with condensation on the scope, damn humidity. Scope was better with Jupiter and Saturn which are fantastic right now.
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    Update on a vaccine

    A treatment that would reduce mortality by 90% or so would be a game changer. We'd basically be done talking about this. Fingers crossed.
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    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    It would be super helpful to have saliva testing with a litmus strip kind of setup. Then you could test people coming in the door at work, at a stadium, etc. That would help a ton I would think. Not sure how feasible it is.
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    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    Red Cross does. I had signed up for a blood drive here in CR but they cancelled on me this morning. Unfortunately, Red Cross no longer has a donation center in CR, so you have to make an appt at a blood drive 3-4 weeks in advance. And hope it isn't cancelled.
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    Comet Neowise

    Went out and saw it tuesday night west of Walford. There was a little bit of cloud, and I could not see it with my slight nearsightedness. My son could see it with his 20/20 though! It was easy to find and see in binoculars. Going back out tonight, should be better conditions, and taking...
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    Update on a vaccine

    Agree. We also did a relations "reset" in the prior administration. That was also a joke of a policy. When I say the US is playing checkers, that's a non-partisan statement. Not sure anyone with any authority really understands the challenge of Russia. It's not existential, but the first...
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    Update on a vaccine

    I suspect some of the organization and funding for groups like antifa and white supremacists, groups that want and cause chaos and violence, comes from Russia, China, Iran, etc. Just a toned down version of their "Little Green Men" efforts in Ukraine, Libya, etc. The Soviets provided money and...
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    Update on a vaccine

    China and Russia are playing chess. The US has been playing checkers for quite some time. "In the game of chess, you can never let your opponent see all your pieces"
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    Jamie Pollard letter on falls sports

    "We have met the enemy, and he is us"
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    Update on a vaccine

    I think you can be fine with vaccines yet still be concerned about this one being rushed. That's not unreasonable or crazy. Though the crazies will be out in force too, of course. Agree with you on generally irrationality of human beings. I had a gal smoking a cigarette give me grief for...
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    Cyclone State

    That's what I thought this was going to be about. When does Jamie put up the billboards that say "DE FAULT - THE TWO SWEETEST WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!" "CYCLONE STATE!"
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    Update on a vaccine

    FWIW there was a survey and 80%+ said they would get the vaccine right away when available. I was kind of pleasantly surprised it was that high, given the political and anti-vaxx contingents. As well as reasonable people just being worried about the "rush". Like @harimad, I am in general a...
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    Redskins Yes or no

    So Illini was ok because it comes from the state name. Which came from... the tribe name. LOFL. Very NCAA. Punish the small school, big one gets a reprimand. I'd have to read back up on it, but I think UND was negotiating with Standing Rock, but it came down to money - SR wanted a piece...