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    Favorite bad movie

    Wild at Heart -I hesitate to call it bad but I'm assuming most people thought it was awful! (David Lynch -Nic Cage)
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    What are you reading?

    Favorites of the past year: Cloud Cuckoo Land -Anthony Doerr (superb imagination, 3 eras in one story that all intertwine) Project Hail Mary -Andy Weir (favorite book ever maybe) The Paradox Hotel -Rob Hart (Time travel mystery) The Godfather, Mario Puzo (classic that I'd never read) The...
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    Best songs that don't get enough attention

    Wow great call on Nic Cave
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    Friday OT #1 - Covered Up

    Wow, thanks for these, had no idea Elvira was a cover
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    Friday OT - On Good Author-ity

    Stephen King (11/22/63) Tom Clancy (and now the ghost writers) -the Jack Ryan Jr series "New" author- Any Weir -Hail Mary -wow -maybe my favorite book ever (also wrote The Martian)
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    Survivor 42

    Either way they were supposed to say it before voting I thought, what a cluster…
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    Survivor 42

    But what if Tori would have drawn the safe one, the other girl wouldn’t get a chance then I guess?
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    Survivor 42

    So why was Tori allowed to draw rocks (or whatever it is called) and the other girl couldn't?
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    Friday OT #2 - That Proves You Were There, That You Heard of them First

    I stumbled upon Cake several years ago in NYC for business and they sprung a show up across the street from my hotel. I was illin' (turned out to be strep throat) but paid maybe $60 for an intimate show for about 300 standing fans. Several tall boy PBR's (red white and blue ones) later -maybe...
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    **** daylight savings

    (SIAP) Just enact it at 11am on Monday morning -everybody happy!
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    Your Comedian Mount Rushmore

    Tough to do, but...: Emo Philips Norm MacDonald Richard Pryor Nate Bargatze Bill Cosby* *Non-rapist version would bump someone
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    *** Official #15 IOWA STATE vs #18 Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    Why is Conditt ever leaving the lane on defense? He has zero lateral speed, no reason to double team anyone out front and leave the rim unprotected yet he/we do this repeatedly.
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    Texas's Casey Thompson to ...

    Thompson isn’t going pro at quarterback ever, much less after 1 year lol