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    Tamin Lipsey Commits

    and then 9 months later Bob Sura and Sam Cassell torched them so bad and showed us what a real backcourt looks like lol.
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    What are is fondness memories from 99-00 team?

    I remember going to Chicago sports bars and having the following conversation 12 times...(remember, this is pre flat screen tvs and HD). "Do you have ESPN Full court?" "What?" "I want to watch Iowa State" "Ohio State?" "No, Iowa State" "Hawkeyes?" "No Iowa State basketball, they're on ESPN Full...
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    Steve Prohm releases statement

    during a pandemic with my family, I realized I need 20,000.
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    Steve Prohm releases statement

    Those days are never coming back - social media/internet/iphone videos killed the coaches events. there used to be so many great jokes, insults, stories, etc. Maybe it was spurrier's "free shoes U" that was the last one....
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    Marquette fired Wojo

    think about how insane college basketball is - marquette added dj carton and a McD's AA power forward to a decent returning cast....and their coach got fired. (to be fair, very similar to prohm, Wojo got extended the same year, team has struggled for a while, and fans are sick of him).
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    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    if you believe 2/3/4 how can you type the first sentence in #1??
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    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    you know that Hunter was injured mid season and barely played after that right?
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    2021 men's CBB coaching carousel

    he made $24 million at Indiana.
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    2020-2021 Season in one sentence

    We played the right way.
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    I'd go with co-MVPs this season: John and Eric. Impressive they did play by play and color commentary for a 2-22 season. Total pros.
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    Williams & Blum Pod: How good is the ISU basketball job?

    I really enjoyed the podcast - I think its the best ISU podcast discussion available every week. And then I read this thread to find our why it was actually in fact terrible.
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    Take a coaching search breather and watch 45 mins of MBB highlights from 1985!

    The dunking thread got me thinking about Barry Stevens, and I managed to find this on youtube. Check out the 4:20 mark in this video - Hornacek throws a granny style alley-oop from just inside half court (right on the money of course) to a flying Grayer after time has expired just for the heck...
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    if its not easy or realistic to turn around cyclone hoops in 2 years, why is TJ getting crushed for not doing it at UNLV?
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    Marquette admin loves Wojo - their fans do not. The fans love wojo almost as much as we love Prohm.
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    Since everyone posting on CF these days is a certified college basketball coaching search expert, time to share your knowledge. Answer the following.... Who do you WANT to hire? (Craig Smith) Who do you think we WILL hire? (TJ) Who do you definitely NOT want to hire? (Hoiberg) Go!