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  1. brentblum

    Cyclone sound-off show on WHO radio. That's right, WHO.

    Cyclone Reaction with Williams and Whitver will air like normal on the Cyclone Radio Network. This WHO show will follow after the Network is done.”
  2. brentblum

    Louisiana Kick Time?

    This should be announced soon. The TV time draft with the networks was late last week so the information should be compiled and shared soon.
  3. brentblum

    AP poll released. Iowa State #23

    I love when Hawk Twitter throws me lobs to dunk on.
  4. brentblum

    FB roster update

    Actually expect Enyi to take a lot of snaps inside this year. Need a way to have him, Jaquan and McDonald on the field at the same time.
  5. brentblum

    Brock Purdy's ISU future (pertaining to Covid 19)

    Honestly, I think some on here are discounting how good Brock is in the NFL's eyes. The league is getting more comfortable with smaller, more athletic QB's and Brock fits the mold. I have no idea if he'd depart early without a season, but the first round/early 2nd round draft grades aren't just...
  6. brentblum

    Register is VERY quiet...

    I have found the “Iowa will be the most unified team in the conference” take from some of the media literally 24 hours after a story of this magnitude centering around the lack of unified treatment amongst the team, an interesting perspective.
  7. brentblum

    Barta Extended!

    Is this an actual issue?
  8. brentblum

    Barta Extended!

    Good for Barta for clarifying yesterday as the Register article from Tuesday that my tweet was based on said otherwise.
  9. brentblum

    Attendance policy from JP...

    Hi, this is Brent. This is from the Des Moines Reigster, "What about fans who are uncomfortable attending games in 2020 but want to return in 2021? Henderson said the university has fielded many such calls. Fans who fall into this category will receive points credit for a year of purchase for...
  10. brentblum

    ISU Medical School

    Oddly Michigan State has both an MD and DO program.
  11. brentblum

    ISU Medical School

    Interestingly Oklahoma State has the Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine, but it is located in Tulsa not Stillwater so a model like that exists. Auburn also has an Osteopathic program affiliation and Michigan State has both a DO and MD program.
  12. brentblum

    ISU Medical School

    More than you’d think. I believe at last count there are 35 osteopathic schools. Big increase in last 15+ years. In regards to MD/DO that’s a big topic of conversation! ..and largely dependent on what residency program someone can get into.
  13. brentblum

    ISU Medical School

    As someone who has worked at Des Moines University (and Iowa State) I found this thread interesting. I think there would be an opportunity to attract students, but as @Sigmapolis referenced, the real difficulty is in the medical rotation and residency spots locally (and nationally) which makes...
  14. brentblum

    Williams/Blum Pod: Weekly quarantine update, 2017 Liberty bowl look-back, mailbag questions

    Appreciate the question! No idea how it may work for Iowa State, if at all. I just have heard it hypothetically talked about across all of sports as a possible scenario. So much unknown clearly.
  15. brentblum

    Blum: Cyclone Rewind, 2014 Big 12 Tournament

    Hey all, with the Big 12 coming up next week, had a blast going back and re-experiencing the 2014 Big 12 final in this Cyclone Rewind. Hopefully it makes the day go by a little quicker. Thanks as always for reading.