Enyi Uwazurike’s representation files second motion

Former Iowa State Cyclone Enyi Uwazurike’s representation filed a second discovery motion in court Friday.

Van M. Plumb’s full motion, posted by WHO’s Keith Murphy, can be seen below:

“The Defendant believes, based upon the forgoing, that either an Agent of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission or Department of Criminal Investigation used the Gaming Commission’s GeoComply software to target male athletes at Iowa and Iowa State in 4 of the men’s programs for a reason yet to be known.  The Agent or Agents did not follow the rules as set out by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission in reporting their activity nor did they follow the Terms of Use established by GeoComply for use of their software.

“GeoComply was in fact used to obtain personal data that should have required a warrant and such use of GeoComply to obtain personal data was a violation of their rights.  The State’s actions, whether intentional or not, have villainized the targeted young men for making young men mistakes.  

“These young men have been held to account and have held themselves accountable to the NCAA and NFL for their actions, actions as argued by the Defendant, with the exception of underage gambling, are not violations of Iowa Law.  
“Iowa Racing and Gaming as well the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation are not codified enforcement agencies for the NCAA or the NFL.  But, they are State of Iowa Enforcement Agencies governed by their own set of rules and procedures, with such rules and procedures appearing to have been violated from the evidence supplied to the Defendant as of this date.  The Defendant is requesting the additional information so that the agents, as grown-trained members of our state agencies, can also be held accountable if they have in fact violated these young men’s rights or broken the rules established for them to ensure equal protection to all Iowans.”