Brett Yormark talks payouts, expansion at Big 12 league meetings

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark and other executives met at the end of the week for its annual league meetings in which details came out of on Friday.

One of the topics mentioned includes that the conference’s 10 member schools will receive $440 million in distribution, or $44 million apiece, but there was far more the commissioner put onto the table.

Yormark said that the Big 12 is going through a brand refresh for the upcoming season. However, it will not feature a name change nor will the logo change.

With ongoing talks of expansion between a number of programs around the country, it was expected that had any school been close to making a change official, that the league would hold a vote.

No vote was held, although, the executives in the room did discuss situations around expansion and what makes a good fit for the conference.

Yormark expended on it further, saying that if an opportunity presents itself ‘to create value,’ then the Big 12 will ‘pursue it.’

Yormark also mentioned that details will soon be announced to an international strategy in Mexico.

Things are fluid, and although there were an amount of updates out of the meeting session, it certainly feels like there are more dominoes to fall in the coming months before the start of the 2023 college football season.