Injury Update: What Matt Campbell had to say about Jake Remsburg

Iowa State right tackle Jake Remsburg suffered an injury during fall camp just weeks before Saturday’s season opener against SE Missouri State (1:00 p.m. ESPN+).

After the redshirt junior battled a separate injury throughout the 2021 season and into the spring, the West Des Moines native was slated to be the starter at his position for the year.

Coach Matt Campbell said on Tuesday that Remsburg is being considered as questionable for Saturday’s game.

“We’re at least at that point where, you know, we’re questionable for Saturday rather than sitting out,” Campbell said. “If it was last week, there’s no way we would have played. Whether (Remsburg) is ready or not, I think Tuesday and Wednesday’s practice will still kind of guide that for us.”

Should Remsburg not play in Saturday’s game or see limited action on the field, Iowa State lists redshirt junior Grant Treiber as the replacement at the position.

Campbell said that the distinction of Remsburg’s status between this week and last had a big contrast. Had the season opener been on week zero, Remsburg would not have played, Campbell told reporters.

“We’re really excited about the progress he has made,” Campbell said. “I thought he had a really good start to camp and obviously, getting injured is tough, but we’re fortunate and it’s fortunate for Jake, that he’s already back to this point. There’s at least the opportunity for him to go and play in this football game.”

For an offensive line that has seen injury issues aplenty in recent memory, though, it may not be as big of a detriment to a successful year.

“(Remsburg) hasn’t played in a year and a half, so I think from that end of it, it’s not like they knew what was like with (Remsburg) consistently as well,” Campbell said Friday at Iowa State’s Victory Day. “I think there was a lot of rotation during the spring practice and obviously through the early part of the fall camp.”

Iowa State has seen a lot of rotation from its offensive line position during off-season practices and near the end of last year with the Cheez-It Bowl.

That’s something Campbell is optimistic about, at least.

“That part is positive,” Campbell said. “It’s not like you’re talking about replacing five starters there. So, there’s chemistry. I think with the interior of it, the guys that have benifited greatly are the guys who are rotating in with that one group really from spring practice all the way through where we are today.

“You want to have continuity, but you also want to have competition and we’re fortunate enough to have it,” Campbell said.