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In-State Rivalry: No. 5 Iowa State to take on No. 18 Northern Iowa

In-state bragging rights, win streaks and an undefeated Big 12 record are some of the things that currently sit on the line in the matchup between No. 5 Iowa State and No. 18 Northern Iowa on Friday.

The Cyclones are headed to the McCleod Center in Cedar Falls where the Panthers will look to shatter Iowa State’s spotless Big 12 record (6-0).

Both teams currently hold solid dual win streaks with Iowa State looking to notch their 12th-straight win (second-longest streak in the country) and Northern Iowa searching for their sixth in a row.

The Panthers joined the Big 12 conference as an affiliate member in 2017. Head coach Doug Schwab has coached the Panthers into a top contending team. Last season, they had two Big 12 Champions at 125 and 184 and one All-American, Parker Keckeisen, who earned a third-place finish.

Head coach Kevin Dresser has made the statement that he’s going “Panther hunting” when it comes to Friday night’s matchup.

“We’re hunting Panthers hard,” Dresser said. “Schwab, I’m coming for you.”

The mutual respect between head coaches has brought on a special element to the rivalry.

“I’m serious when I say that they’re wrestling like a top-10 team in the last month. That’s really how we get remembered, it’s what we’re doing right now,” Dresser said. “I respect the heck out of the guys and what they’re doing over there. We know what we’re in for and we know we’re in for a fight.”

Both programs are on a roll, in January both teams took down reigning co-Big 12 Champions, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma.

Iowa State and UNI handed Oklahoma State their first consecutive home dual losses since 1993.

“They’ve got a really good team and they’re solid top to bottom,” Schwab said. “And the rivalry? it’s a great thing. We need more of that. We need more of that in the state. We like those guys but we don’t really like those guys. We have a healthy respect for them but we want to whoop their ass and they want to whoop our ass and that’s how it should be. I love that it’s built up. The only way there’s a rivalry, is if there’s back and forth.”

Iowa State currently leads the series 59-20 with the Cyclones having won the last two matchups.

Schwab however has never lost to ISU more than three times in a row.

Good banter isn’t all a rivalry thrives off of, it’s solid competition.

“Ther’s a lot of toss-ups on paper,” Dresser said. “You look up and down the lineup and there are six to seven toss-ups. That’s what’s going to be fun for the fans. You’re going to see scrapping. There are only really one or two weights you can say there’s a favorite and this guy is going to win. That’s what makes a great dual meet.”

The marquee match of the night will be a rematch at 184 pounds with No. 7 Marcus Coleman and Keckeisen, the returning All-American, who is ranked No. 4 nationally.

At the Daktronics open in November, Coleman lost 8-4 to Keckeisen in the championship match. Keckeisen only has two losses this season to No. 1 Aaron Brooks of Penn State.

“I get a chance to right my wrongs,” Coleman said.

Coleman is currently on a 12-match win streak, four of which were win’s by fall.

The action will fire off at 7 p.m. with the blow of a whistle.

“You’re going to see 20 guys shake hands that want to win really bad. You don’t have to get them hyped up for this. They’re ready to go,” Dresser said.

Probable Starters:

  • 18 Kysen Terukina (17-1) vs. 19 Brody Teske (8-4)
  • 133: 27 Ramazan Attasauov (12-5) vs. 18 Kyle Biscoglia (16-7)
  • 141:  7 Ian Parker (7-1) vs. 20 Cael Happel (17-6) 
  • 149: 19 Jarrett Degen (14-3) vs. 31  Colin Realbuto (13-7) 
  • 157: 1 David Carr (15-0) vs. Derek Holschlag (17-6) 
  • 165:  31 Isaac Judge (16-9) vs. 12 Austin Yant (13-3) 
  • 174: 17 Joel Devine (9-5) vs. 20 Lance Runyon (3-1)
  • 184: 7 Marcus Coleman (14-1) vs. 4 Parker Keckeisen (18-1) 
  • 197: 14 Yonger Bastida (15-3) vs.  John Gunderson (10-5)  
  • HWT: 28 Sam Schuyler (13-3) vs. Tyrell Gordon (10-11)

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