Why Matt Campbell loves the spring game


A lot of coaches don’t like spring games. Some even dread them.

Not Matt Campbell. He’s looking forward to the opportunity that presents his program on Saturday at 1 p.m. and is very open about it.

“What I love about the spring game is that some of these guys who maybe haven’t gotten to play in that environment with some energy in the crowd – it’s naturally different when people are sitting in the stands,” Campbell said. “Coaches are off the field and a game is going. It’s great for those guys.”

Iowa State’s new head coach offered up one specific example of a young man who will benefit from the experience on Saturday.

Zeb Noland should be in high school right now. Heck, the freshman quarterback out of Georgia should be going to prom next week. Instead?

“He gets a chance to go out and make mistakes, and that’s ok,” Campbell said. “But how do you learn form those? How do you embrace the environment? There are so many positives in the spring game but those reps in front of this environment and these kinds of people.”

Saturday’s format will feature two regular 15-minute first half quarters. The second half will consist of two 15-minute quarters with a running clock.

New this year: The teams will be divided equally. Iowa State’s seniors will be drafting these squads, coaches (and guest coaches) included.