CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 6

For the most part, our "experts" really took it on the chin last week Cyclone Nation. 

If you’ll allow me to boast for a minute, yours truly went 5-1 on the week. Bret Culbertson, Adam Gray and Austen Arnaud compiled 4-2 records. After that, things got ugly.

Last week’s leader in the standings Adam Carper went 1-5, as did contender Kirk Haaland. Brent Blum’s 2-4 mark dropped him towards the middle of the pack and poor Chris Hassel…

The Clones killed all of us. Not one of our experts picked Texas Tech. How will Iowa State fare vs. TCU?

Onto this week’s picks!

Current Standings

Bret Culbertson, 19-11
Chris Williams, 19-11
Adam Carper, 18-12
Bret Meyer, 17-13
Adam Gray, 17-13
Brent Blum, 16-14
Dave Zawilinski, 16-14
Kirk Haaland, 15-15
Trevor Enerson, 15-15
Austen Arnaud, 13-17
Chris Hassel, 11-19

Former Iowa State Kicker Bret Culbertson

Straight Up

LSU @ Florida – Tigers, hands down.

Georgia @ South Carolina – Going with my gut here.  I always feel good about going with Georgia.


Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – Ohio State wins by 10.

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – Tech can’t hang with the Sooners.  Oklahoma covers my so much more.

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – West Virginia pulls out a win.

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – Stuff gets even more real for Iowa State this week.  I can’t go against the Clones. ISU stays within the spread. Thank you defense.

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher Chris Williams

LSU @ Florida – Florida has been very, very good to me so far this season. Having said that, I’m just not quite sure that the Gators are ready for this big of a stage. Give me the Tigers. 

Georgia @ South Carolina – Ever since Trev Alberts was obsessed with picking Georgia to win the national title 10 years ago on ESPN, I’ve hated the Dogs. My mom is from South Carolina. Go Cocks!

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – Nebraska’s defense will have a hard time stopping OSU’s offense. Buckeyes cover. 

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – During last night’s call-in show, I picked Tech to win this game. I’ve done some research though. I’m flip-flopping. Give me the Sooners for two reasons. 1) They are better than people think. 2) Tech is a good football team but like Florida, isn’t ready to take that next step yet IMO. I like the Sooners by a touchdown. 

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – I absolutley cannot wait for this one. I’ve been consistent since June regarding my reservations with West Virginia and TCU. If the Mountaineers win this, I’ll gladly eat crow. But I don’t think they will. Texas’ offense will go crazy, it’s defense will contain Geno Smith and the Horns will win by two touchdowns. 

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – Iowa State 21, TCU 20. 

Former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper

LSU @ Florida – Florida just isn’t an elite team yet and that’ll show in the 4th quarter as LSU pulls away for the W.  

Georgia @ South Carolina – These SEC games are always determined by whoever controls the line of scrimmage and is the most physical.  South Carolina is riding a 9 game winning streak and I think they extend that to 10. 

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – With less talented athletes and the game played in the Shoe, this game does not bode well for the Huskers.  Buckeyes cover. 

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – Funny things happen when teams travel to Lubbock but with Oklahoma coming off a loss to K-State and a bye week, I think Stoops will have his boys ready.  Sooners cover.

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – How can you not admire the offensive juggernaut that is West Virginia?  Geno Smith continues to catch the attention of Heisman voters and does enough to help his team cover. 

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – Iowa State covers.  Period.

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

LSU @ Florida – LSU is yet to be tested and has struggled offensively. Like the Gators at home. 

Georgia @ South Carolina – Georgia had the edge at quarterback, but look for South Carolina to get after Aaron Murray at home. Gamecocks win. 

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – Ohio State covers.  

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – I like Texas Tech to win at home. 

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – Geno Smith – Last five games 26TD and zero interceptions. WVU wins in Austin. 

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) –  Game changer with Casey Pachall out of the lineup. That being said, our issues offensively must get corrected. I like ISU to bounce back and upset TCU on the road. 

Cyclone Fanatic’s Director of Sales Adam Gray

LSU @ Florida – Florida has killed me a couple times this year.  I will jump on their bandwagon now and I’m sure it will come back to bite me. Give me the Gators 23-17

Georgia @South Carolina – Should be a great game. I think Georgia has the better team but it’s not easy to go on the road and win, especially in the SEC.  Give me South Carolina in a low scoring game.  20-13

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – Emotional win last week by Nebraska followed up by going on the road and playing at the Shoe?  I think Urban Meyer exploits the holes in Nebraska’s defense and Ohio State offense shuts down Martinez as OSU wins 31-17

Oklahoma (-4) @Texas Tech – Maybe I am picking TT b/c I’d like to think their defense was more good than our offense was bad last week. I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway. I actually thinks OU wins this game but only by a point.  28-27 OU

West Virginia @Texas (-7) – Wow. I’m shocked this line is this big and I’m shocked I’m going to take Texas to cover.  Let’s be honest, Geno Smith is great but he hasn’t been touched.  Let’s see how he does when he is being pressured and his WR’s aren’t wide open. They won’t be against Texas.  I think Texas being at home, just facing a good offense, and having a lot of confidence in their own offense leads them to a 51- 41 win.  

Iowa State@ TCU (-12) – Said all preseason that I really like Iowa State to go down to TCU and get a win.  I think we match up well with them, have more depth, and experience.  Now with the news of their QB, I really feel this is a must win for Iowa State.  I think ISU covers and wins 20-17.

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

LSU @ Florida – LSU has some offensive issues but has been redonkulous on defense.  Florida is improved, but not ready for the big-time. Give me some Mad Hatter. LSU 17 Florida 14.

Georgia @ South Carolina – I swear we pick every single South Carolina and Georgia game. These two have morphed into the same team in my mind: we shall call them Bullcoc.. Ok maybe not the best idea. South Carolina 27 Georgia 21.

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – As of this second, Taylor Martinez has the best passer efficiency rating in the Big 10…DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA! I doubt he can continue the pace. Ohio State continues the undefeated season of nothingness. Ohio State 24 Nebraska 17.

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – Good job, good effort against the Cyclones Texas Tech. As George Bush once said, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me…you can’t get fooled again." Oklahoma has not lost back-to-back games in the Big 12 in 13 years, that’s amazing. Oklahoma 34 Texas Tech 27.   

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – All aboard the Dana Holgorsen Mullett Express! Riding this thing until the Mullet proves me otherwise. West Virginia 38 Texas 35.

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – I’m still bitter over the 2005 Houston Bowl. The TCU "Frog Horn" still gives me headaches, get ready to be annoyed by that thing. Iowa State hasn’t won the turnover battle since the Oklahoma State game. They are due to cause some chaos. The Cyclone offense gets things together to help the cause. Put me down for a Rhoads Special. Iowa State 24 TCU 20. 

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski 

LSU @ Florida – LSU has dropped in the polls over the past two weeks for poor performances vs. Auburn and Towson. I’ll take the Gators in the Swamp.

Georgia @ South Carolina – Spurrior has things rolling in SC.  Once again, I’ll go with the home team.

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – Ohio State will be fired up after what happened last year in Lincoln. I think there’s a good chance the Bucks win but I’m taking the Huskers to cover.

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – I’m not sold on Texas Tech’s defense just yet.  Speaking of “remember what happened last year” you know the Sooners will be ready to invade Lubbock this Saturday. Boomer Sooner.

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – This line is a misprint right?  Seriously!?  That means someone in Vegas knows something.  No way Texas should be a seven point favorite. No way.  Ok I give up, give me the Mountaineers.  (This is guaranteed to be an “L” for me)

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – Unlike most, I’m not giving up just yet.  The last time ISU failed to accumulate 200 yards in a game was several years ago at OU (They lost 52-0).  The next week, ISU went to Austin and stunned the Horns.  I’m not a believer of TCU.  I do like their defense and that will be tough for the Cyclones.  That being said, I don’t think TCU scores 30 so I’m banking on ISU scoring 18.  That’s not too much to ask is it?  Give me the Clones and the points.

enCYCLONEpedia’s Kirk Haaland

LSU @ Florida — Florida has been a bit of a surprise for me so far this year while LSU has continued their recent dominance even with a close win over Auburn and an weird one against Towson last week. It should be a great one in Gainesville but I’m taking the Gators in a minor upset at the Swamp.

Georgia @ South Carolina — I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason I have a hard time buying on the Gamecocks just yet. That makes this pick even more difficult with them hosting the Dawgs on Saturday. USC’s defense is giving up just 0.86 points per possession while Georgia has done it more with higher scoring. Give me the defense and the home field advantage as South Carolina takes it. 

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) — I fully expected the Huskers to trounce Wisconsin last week and OSU to fall in East Lansing–that went well for me. The only conclusion I can draw is that the Buckeyes will be able to handle Nebraska at home. Buckeyes cover.

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech — I’m beginning to become a big time believer in the Tech defense even with ISU having been their only real test last week. Oklahoma’s offense is surprisingly struggling as they are just one of three Big 12 teams to not have a passer in the top 17 of the national passer efficiency ratings (along with Iowa State and Kansas), that is quite the change in Sooner-ville. I’m not big on revenge games but after a week off for OU while Texas Tech made the longest road trip in the conference and last year’s surprise loss at home to the Red Raiders I think Stoops and company go on the road to win and cover.

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) — Here’s a thought for you after that 70-63 shootout the Mountaineers had with Baylor last week: Texas is the nation’s top scoring offense at 4.02 points per possession. Even so and with the game in Austin the thought of Geno Smith being outscored in their Big 12 road opener is just hard to picture right now. I can see Texas winning this one but I can’t see them beating that line, I’ll take the points.

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) — Ugh. The offensive woes have been hashed and rehashed for the Cyclones from the game last week but this game features the top two scoring defenses in the Big 12. TCU allowing just 0.56 points per possession and ISU at just 0.95 points per possession. TCU’s has yet to see a team that would make the top half of FBS rankings and they have had some turnover issues to battle. I think the Cyclone defense will be able to hold them to 21 or less, especially if the offense doesn’t put them in early holes. From there it will be decided by the Cyclone offense and while they may not score enough points to win, I think they will score enough points to keep it within 12.

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson

LSU @ Florida – I’m going to take LSU. I just don’t think UF will be able to run the ball. LSU 17-10

Georgia @ South Carolina – The Dawgs make to many mistakes. Ol’ Bawl Coach wins 23-16

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – OSU is too much for Nebby to handle. I dont think Nebraska can score enough against Hankins and Co. OSU 38-24

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – I’m hoping OU proves me wrong but I dont think they are that good. Tech wins this thing 31-28

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – Giving Geno points? Please. WVU 49-41

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – TCU wont score enough without Pachall to win let alone cover 12 points. Our offense blows up (in a good way, I hope) and we win comfortably 42-20 (homer disclaimers apply)

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud

LSU @ Florida – LSU isn’t the LSU of the past they are a good football team, not a great one. UF is much improved and the program is waiting Muschamp’s signature win and this one is it. Low scoring affair, UF hits a field goal late to win the game.

Georgia @ South Carolina – UGA just lost its top receiver to an ACL injury in practice this week, which will limit their air attack on Saturday. I am going with the home team to win 27-23 SCAR.

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – If Nebraska would have played a complete game against Wisconsin last week they would have won by 3 touchdowns. However Ohio State is a very good football team and will win this game but I think Nebrasak covers the 4.5.

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – OU is another team in college football that has underachieved this year. However this is a perfect situation for the Sooners, away from home and a small favorite.  I think the Sooners win by two scores with the national spotlight off them this weekend.

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – I can guarantee one thing about this game, WVU will not score 70 points this week. Texas defense will be chomping at the bit to have the chance to silence this aerial attack. Texas will be able to move the ball against a below average WVU defense, Longhorns cover.

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – What Iowa State offense will we see? That is the question… The offensive attack must be simple and effective no matter who is playing QB. Defense will hold their own, Cyclones cover. 

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

LSU @ Florida – Biggest game in the swamp in quite some time. The LSU offense is non-existent. Chomp. 

Georgia @ South Carolina – SC has to win because the Cocks hit the road to LSU and Florida back-to-back. That logic is probably why I’m batting about .150 so far this season. 

Nebraska @ Ohio State (-4.5) – It’s a preview of the would-be Big Ten Championship game. OSU is better and Ohio Stadium is worth more than 4.5 points. Bucks cover. 

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech – Texas Tech won in Norman a year ago. The Sooners will return the favor in Lubbock. OU covers. 

West Virginia @ Texas (-7) – West Virginia can score, but can the Mountaineers stop anyone? I’ve picked against Texas for far too long. Longhorns by double digits. 

Iowa State @ TCU (-12) – I wish I knew who was starting the game at QB for Iowa State. I’m going to assume Rhoads sticks with Jantz and then pulls him after a couple early turnovers. I like TCU by two TD’s.