CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 4

Week three was not kind to our television celebrities. 

Not to throw salt in the very fresh wounds of ABC 5’s Dave Zawilinski and WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel, but the duo combined to go a combined 1-11 with last week’s picks. Zawilinski got that one victory. 

Week three wasn’t all bad. Adam Carper and Bret Culbertson found a way to stay at the top of our leaderboard while one Brent Blum dropped a few spots. The ompetition is heating up. Enjoy this week’s picks!

Current Standings

Adam Carper, 13-5
Bret Culbertson, 13-5
Kirk Haaland, 12-6
Brent Blum, 11-7
Chris Williams 11-7
Trevor Enerson, 11-7
Bret Meyer, 10-8
Adam Gray, 10-8
Dave Zawilinski, 9-9
Austen Arnaud, 8-10
Chris Hassel, 5-13

All picks this week are AGAINST THE SPREAD. 

Former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – How many BCS schools does Louisiana-Monroe have on its schedule? Baylor goes on the road and covers.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – I don’t care if this game is being played at Doak…14 points is a lot against a top 10 team. Clemson.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – Last year when these two teams faced off, they were both ranked in the top 10. Oklahoma rolled 58-17. Same scenario here. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – Hard to figure out Michigan this year, let alone the Big 10 conference.  Notre Dame prevails.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – With Missouri experiencing their first SEC road game and their offense looking less than stellar the last few games, I like the Cocks to cover. 

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Both teams are going to put up video game-like offensive numbers on Saturday and Arizona scores enough to cover.

Former Iowa State kicker Bret Culbertson 

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – I’m don’t think ULM can keep the surprises consistent.  Baylor Covers.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – Florida State Kicker Dustin Hopkins will give Clemson virtually no return game on kickoffs, and his field goal unit makes it rain. The Seminoles prove their legitimacy this week, but Clemson keeps it within the spread. 

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – I think this game will have a bigger margin of victory than people expect, just like last year. I’ll take the Sooners to cover.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – I’m biting my tongue after venting about the Irish last week.  I don’t know if I can get this one out of my mouth… N-n-notre Dame C-c-covers.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – The Big 12’s ex-girlfriend stays within the spread.

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Oregon has won big in their first three games, but Arizona will be the best team they’ve faced off against thus far this season. The Ducks win big but Arizona beats the spread.

enCYCLONEpedia’s Kirk Haaland

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe — LoMo is off to a solid start this season with an upset win over Arkansas and an overtime loss to Auburn while Baylor has rolled its two opponents with the only doubt coming in a slow to start to perennial FCS power Sam Houston State. But, the Bears eventually snapped out of it and coasted to a victory. I think Baylor’s decisive home field advantage will help them cover — well, the fans won’t help at all but I still think they’ll cover.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) — In three games Florida State has scored 176 points and has only allowed a total of 101 rushing yards. That’s stout no matter the lack of competition they found with Murray State, Savannah State, and Wake Forest. Clemson is a top 10 team off to a decent start in their own right with blowouts of Ball State and Furman and a close win over Auburn. I’m going to slide on out on the thin limb and take the Seminoles to cover. 14 points is a lot to a top ten team, even at home, but I think FSU will trounce the Tigers.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) — Thanks to Land Thieves on Twitter and a column from David Ubben I was reminded how much the Sooners have rolled in recent history against top 10 teams at home. Maybe that is primarily due to the increased focus of OU as opposed to being ambushed by a lesser opponent. I think Kansas State is a very good team that is solid everywhere and executes mistake free games and I think they’ll manage to buck the trend mentioned above and cover here. They gave the Sooners a lot of trouble last year, but the main reason I think that is because of how much they slow down the game. K-State averages just 12 possessions per game while Oklahoma averages 15. The limited amount of possessions will keep this one close and within the spread as the Sooners still manage to win. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) — I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Michigan had a heck of a time putting Air Force away at home while Brian Kelly seems to be getting the ship turned around in South Bend. The Irish handled Sparty in East Lansing last week and I think they handle the Wolverines at home this week. Golden Domers cover.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) —  I think that the Gamecocks’ ranking at this point is somewhat peculiar. They struggled with Vandy in the season opener and blew out two nobodies while the marquee Mizzou game was the loss to Georgia at home (a game that we picked here and I got burned by) that was closer than the scoreboard showed. I’ll roll the dice with Missouri one more time and take them to lose but cover on Saturday. 

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) — Arizona can really put points on the board…of course, the Ducks can do that too. However, I’m not sure Oregon’s defense can slow down Arizona enough to cover a line that big. It may be a back door cover, but I think Arizona keeps it under the 23.5.

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – The Bears are walking into a Warhawks den. Monroe is good, the game is at night and on national television. Consider the Bears defense is still more welcoming than Kim Kardashian and this has disaster written all over it. ULM 35 Baylor 31.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – Wait, so FSU beats up on Murray State, Savannah State and Wake and all of a sudden they are untouchable? Slow your roll, Jimbo!  Clemson still has plenty of speed to match the ‘Noles. This one is tight. Florida State 31 Clemson 27.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – The Sooners always have a patented, "Slap someone around and look unbeatable in September game." This is that game. They will then inevitably lose to Tech in two weeks. Sooners beat K-State by 41 last year in Manhattan. Oklahoma 41 K-State 20.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – Michigan has won three straight in this series. Notre Dame obliterated a talented Michigan State offense last week. Irish LB Manti’ Te’ O’ will keep Denard Robinson in check, but I just can’t see ND winning by a more than six. Low scoring affair, take the under. Notre Dame 20 Michigan 16.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – Controversy at Mizzou this week as starting QB James Franklin apparently refused to take pain meds to deal with his injured shoulder and opted to sit out and not play instead. Franklin reportedly has never even taken an aspirin before. Good for him I guess, but hopefully he has never driven the struggle bus after a night out, because aspirin is a LIFE SAVER. South Carolina 31 Mizzou 14.

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – This nears the highest point spread ever between two ranked teams. Oregon is lethal on offense, but they haven’t showed a propensity to stop the run, allowing over four yards per carry. Arizona is averaging over 240 yards on the ground. Arizona won’t win, but the ground game will keep them close enough to cover. Oregon 41 Arizona 31. 

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher Chris Williams

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – Do I believe LoMo is a good team? Yes. Do I believe they are as good as many are making them out to be? Do I believe that Baylor is better than most people are making them out to be? Yes. Add it all together and I’ll take the Big 12 team by 13 points. 

Clemson @ Florida State(-14) – Know this right now…There aren’t two top 10 teams in the ACC. Period. The winner of this game is the lone wolf in that league. I think that winner will be Florida State too. I don’t think it is that close either. Chop. Chop. Chop. Noles by 17. 

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – I know. Oklahoma beat up on KSU a year ago. But old man Snyder burned all of us how many times in 2011? I am not prepared to pick against him in this one. Sooners win, but only by 10. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – I’m torn here. I don’t trust Notre Dame. But it’s the Big Ten…I took Michigan State last week and was very confident in that. Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice? You know the drill. I’ll take the Irish. 

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – Easiest pick of the week. Cocks cover. 

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Oregon is 0-3 ATS this season. I’m not prepared to mess with a streak right now. Give me Rich Rod and the points please. 

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – Holy smokes! ULM has peoples attention. That said, I’m taking Baylor to cover here. BU-34-20.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – This is a tough one. Florida St. has looked very good on both sides of the ball. I really like Taj Boyd and that Clemson offense, though. Give me Clemson and the points but they still lose. FSU 37-30

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – Giving 13.5 to Purple Kansas? I’ll take the points but I think OU still wins 27-20

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – Michigan’s O-line has been shaky. Notre Dames secondary is shaky. This one is very tough and I could see anything happening in this game but I have to take Michigan here. UM 38-33

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – Welcome to the SEC Mizzou. Big boy football got you once and it will get you again. This is the year USC is for real. USC-42-20

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Rich Rod vs Chip Kelly Volume 1. These games will be ones to watch in the future. Oregon wins easily but Arizona barely covers. Oregon- 56-35. 

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – ULM has gotten some well-deserved credit for success against the SEC.  Arkansas is a mess, and Auburn’s head coach is on the hot seat two years removed from a National Title. Baylor’s offensive firepower will be the difference, Bears cover on the road.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – I like FSU to win, but Clemson has the athletes and Taj Boyd to keep it close. FSU wins 28-21

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – Oklahoma makes Colin Klein one dimensional and pulls away late, covers at home.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – With Denard Robinson still at the helm and a Freshman calling the shots for the Irish, look for another poorly executed "classic" similar to what we saw last year in Ann Arbor.  ND improved defense will be the difference.  Irish cover at home.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – With uncertainty at quarterback, look for South Carolina to feature Marcus Lattimore and win the battle in the trenches.  I like South Carolina to win at home, but i’ll take Missouri and the points.

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Oregon covers at home.

Cyclone Fanatic Director of Sales Adam Gray

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – This is a tough non conference game for Baylor. After struggling for a half against Sam Houston State they get an opponent who has played two SEC teams well and they get them on the road.  I think Art Briles has that offense humming though and they finished the game really well.  Momentum stays on the Bears side as they go on the road and win 41-27.

Clemson@ Florida State (-14) – Florida States defense looks really good.  But they also played Urbandale and Dowling in 2 of their first 3 games. I look for them to win but Clemson will cover.  24-13 FSU

Kansas State @Oklahoma (-13.5 )- Oklahoma went into Kansas State and won by 41 last year.  They surely can win by 14 at home, right?  I never feel good betting against Bill Snyder but I’m going to here.  Stoops had an extra week to gameplan for this game and I look for Oklahoma to roll to a 38-20 win.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – When was the last time this game wasn’t close?  Notre Dame has lost 3 straight to Michigan by under a TD.  But Notre Dame has a better defense and are at home, I look for them to win a close one 21-17

Missouri @South Carolina (-10) –Missouri is going on the road to face a great defense with a QB with a bad throwing shoulder.  I think this one gets ugly.  31-10 South Carolina

Arizona @Oregon (-23.5)  – Arizona is going to try and get in a shoot out with Oregon.  It’s not going to work.  But 23.5?  That’s a huge line.  And for some reason, I’m taking Oregon.  I have no idea why.  Oregon 49-21. 

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – ULM is coming off a very emotional two weeks of football.  They beat Arkansas and nearly beat Auburn.  I think they are spent emotionally and physically after coming up just short last week. Not to mention, I don’t think they have enough offensive firepower to hang with the Bears.  I like Baylor big in this one.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – Bowden Bowl!!!!!!  Errrr…. Give me Clemson and the points

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – I think K-State is for real. We’ll find out Saturday night. I can’t wait.  I want the points again.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – This was the best game last year.  Michigan won a thriller in the final seconds.  I like ND to win, but Michigan to cover. 

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – SC welcomes Mizzou to the SEC with an absolute beatdown.

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Oregon has jumped all over their opponents in the first couple of weeks only to call off the dogs and get back door covered.  It’s Pac12 football time… Chip Kelly keeps his guys on the field for the full 60 and they win BIG.

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – Baylor covers against a feisty ULM team. 10 point victory for the Bears, however keep an eye out for ULM QB Cody Wells – a very solid player.

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – The Noles are too good against an unproven Clemson defense.  Get those tomahawks choppin! Noles win big and prove they are a threat to the BCS title.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – Earlier this week I would have gone with K State to cover but after having time to research this game I like the Sooners to flex their muscle in this early season top 15 match-up.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – I like Notre Dame at home. They are hot right now and will take a similar approach as Alabama in trying to combat the speed and effective scramble of Denard Robinson.  ND rolls off another big win and keep this momentum going.

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – I like Mizzou to cover. James Franklin will be back and SCAR is one dimensional on offense (Lattimore).

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Arizona under Rich Rod is a very improved team they will not win this game, but they can score points with the best of them.

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

Baylor (-7) @ Louisiana-Monroe – I went 0-6 last week. I’m going to go against every instinct I have to pick ULM, and take Baylor to cover. 

Clemson @ Florida State (-14) – FSU finally plays a team with a pulse. Not completely sold on the ‘Noles being national title contenders, just yet. Clemson covers. 

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-13.5) – I’ll take the points. K-State hangs but loses. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-6) – I like Notre Dame to win but I think it will be tight. Mich covers. 

Missouri @ South Carolina (-10) – How weird is it that this is a conference game for Mizzou? Just doesn’t seem right. USC East dominates. 

Arizona @ Oregon (-23.5) – Rich Rod and the Wildcats will put up 50+ points —- and still fail to stay within 23. Ducks. 



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