Messingham move was a no-brainer for Rhoads

By Chris Williams, PublisherFollow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

AMES — Paul Rhoads knew that the day would eventually come. Tom Herman’s climbing of the coaching ladder was inevitable.

But Rhoads always had an ace in the hole. His name was Courtney Messingham, who was recently named Iowa State’s new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach resulting from Herman’s departure to Ohio State.

“I knew Courtney was the guy a month into the job when he was already working here," said Rhoads at a media gathering on Thursday. "When Tom got his opportunities and they were going to come whether if it was as a head football coach or a coordinator at another program, another opportunity was going to come. I was pretty strong all along that Courtney Messingham was going to be our next offensive coordinator."

Don’t expect many drastic changes to come from the coaching move. Rhoads said that his team will still run a spread offense. The Cyclones will still go at the opposition with a no huddle type of attack. The one change that will likely occur is something that fans likely won’t notice in the stands of Jack Trice Stadium in the fall. That’s simplification.

“Our game day package has been large. I think that sometimes as a play caller you can be too smart for your own good," said Rhoads. "As a defensive coordinator, I always wanted to have enough bullets in the gun but you have to be able to prepare and practice all of that stuff. First off, Courtney will simplify what we are going. He’ll have it divided into packages that we can practice and go out there and execute. If you can do less better, you’re a better football team and I think that is what we will work at doing.”

One of the main reasons why Rhoads made this move is due to Messingham’s strength as a coach is his ability to teach. Under his new title, Messingham will not only teach quarterbacks and the rest of Iowa State’s offensive football players but the coaching staff on that side of the ball as well.

“One of the things that Courtney said to me is that he has got to be able to tell me what it is we’re doing. I’m not always sure that has been the case with that position and our football team," said Rhoads. " He’s intelligent. He’s smart. He’s well versed in our personnel as well as what we’re doing."

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“I have had an opportunity to talk to a few people. The timetable on that is wide open," said Rhoads. "I do not need a position hired to recruit. I can wait until after signing day or I can make a hire here soon. It will be the right guy at the right time. He has got to fit our staff. He has got to fit our team and he has got to fit the position most specifically.”

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