Cyclones focus on prep despite Hawkins’ dismissal

By Chris Williams, Publisher

It was a busy day in Boulder. Dan Hawkins is gone. How does this affect Paul Rhoads’ Iowa State program as the Cyclones seek their sixth win on Saturday? From a preparation standpoint, it doesn’t.

“We still have to go out there and do what we have to do to get ready to play a football game and you understand this about the team," Rhoads told reporters after Tuesday’s practice. "If you put yourself in their shoes, how would you respond? You’d respond by playing your hearts out for those seniors and playing great football. That’s what we will count on from Colorado this weekend.”

Rhoads was asked if the Colorado situation scares him heading into Saturday’s contest.

“Most definitely," Rhoads said. "They are a very good and dangerous football team.”

Rhoads on coaches being let go mid-season

"That’s what this profession has come to at this level. In the NFL, we have accepted it for a few years. At the college level, it is starting to happen during the season. It is sad that it has come to that. People make decisions for what they believe are the right reasons and you go on from that."