CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 8

By Chris Williams, Publisher


Adam Carper, 29-13
Chris Williams, 26-16
Chris Hassel, 26-16
Adam Gray, 26-16
Brent Blum, 25-17
Matt Perrault, 25-17
Steve Deace, 24-18
Dave Zawilinski, 23-19
Bret Meyer, 22-20

The group will be picking AGAINST THE SPREAD for the first two games this week.


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – Texas has played inconsistent ball all year mainly on the offensive side.  This will benefit a young ISU defense and although I expect them to lose, they will put up a fight and cover.

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – Bob Stoops has Missouri’s number having never lost to the Tigers.  This game reminds me a lot of last year’s Missouri/Texas showdown in Columbia where it was broadcasted in primetime and Texas delivered a beatdown to Missouri.  I think the trend will continue as the Sooners cover.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – What we learned last week in Lincoln is that Martinez is mortal and can be stopped and Bo Pelini gives the worst interviews.  Okie State’s dynamic offense will create problems for the Huskers but I think the ‘Skers will bounce back and win a close one.

Kansas State @ Baylor – Baylor becomes bowl eligible for the first time since 1995 with a victory on Saturday.  That bears repeating…Baylor will be bowl eligible!

Wisconsin @ Iowa – Coming off an emotional win and playing terrible on the road this season, I’m playing my odds and thinking Wisconsin will pick up a loss in Iowa City on Saturday.

LSU @ Auburn – Why does it seem like Auburn has played every game at home this year?  Cam Newton has been the story of the SEC through the first part of the year and it’s amazing what he can do for a 250 lbs QB.  LSU should keep it close with its stellar defense but Auburn will pull it out at the end.


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – Flip a coin. I don’t see any way where Iowa State’s offense really gets going in this game. Texas D is too tough. I like Iowa State’s defensive game plan heading into this thing but the Cyclones just don’t have the horses to hang. Iowa State covers, but barely. Texas 38, Iowa State 13

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – Missouri shocked me last week. They made Texas A&M look really bad. Maybe the Aggies are that terrible. Missouri has outscored their last two opponents (Colorado and A&M) 56-9 the last two Saturdays. My bet is that they’ll play Oklahoma tough, but the Sooner narrowly cover the spread. Oklahoma 31, Missouri 24.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – Here we are halfway through the season and Oklahoma State STILL hasn’t seen a good defense. Seriously. Their wins have come against Washington State, Troy, Tulsa, Texas A&M, Louisiana-Lafeyette and Texas Tech. Nebraska bounces back to win this one 24-20.

Kansas State @ Baylor – Remember what Taylor Martinez did to Kansas State’s defense? What do you think that Robert Griffin is thinking right now? The dude is smelling blood. Baylor 41, Kansas State 31.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – This is Kirk Ferentz’s world. The Badgers are just a squirrel trying to find a nut. Iowa 20, Wisconsin 10.

LSU @ Auburn – Hey Mr. Chiz man…Say hello to more national title talk. Fighting Chizzzz’s 35, LSU 24


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – Recent evidence suggests that you’d be a fool not to take Texas. ISU can’t afford another 50 point defeat. I’d like to see some life from the ‘Clones, in Austin, but I’m not convinced they’re in any shape to do so. UT 45, ISU 10.

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – I’m still not sold on the Tigers. Oklahoma seems to be improving every week. I like the Sooners 31-21.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – OSU might be the weakest undefeated BCS team remaining. I don’t see Nebraska losing two straight. 27-24 Huskers.

Kansas State @ Baylor – The Wildcats may very well be the worst ranked team in NCAA history. Give me Baylor, at home, 35-21.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – Since the start of the 2008 season, Iowa is 16-0, at home, against all schools not named Northwestern. Home-field advantage will be key. Hawks 21, Badgers 14.

LSU @ Auburn – Auburn has clearly been the better undefeated team to this point. The Fighting Chizballs continue their magical run with a 27-21 win.


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – Iowa State will struggle mightily to get to 14 points in this game. Against some quality offensive opponents Texas is only giving up 245 yards per game. That is filthy. Even when they gave up 34 points to UCLA, they held the Bruins to under 300 yards of total offense.  That said, their offense has been mediocre. The Horns high point total is 34 points. They scored 34 twice against bad defenses–Rice (103rd in nation) and Wyoming (117th). The abomination knows as the Texas Tech defense held them to 17 points (Texas had an INT return for a TD),  and just 320 yards. But it has been well documented how porous I-State’s defense has been. Texas 34 Iowa State 13

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – Gary Pinkel has yet to strike this season. He usually strikes at the most inopportune time, it’s like clock-work. Tigers are undefeated, Sooners come to Columbia ranked #1 in the BCS and Erin Andrews is in town. This sets up for the classic Pinkel collapse. In the last four games against top 15 teams, the Tigers have lost all 4 by a combined score of 197-76. Ouch. Mizzou fans have to be scared to death. Sooners 34 Tigers 17.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – The Huskers are favored by six in this game. That seems like a big number to give to an undefeated home team. Vegas must know more than me. Nebraska 34 Oklahoma State 24.

Kansas State @ Baylor – With this win, the Bears will be bowl eligible for the first time since 1994. So if you’re keeping score at home, the Bears have a men’s basketball team that went to the elite 8 last year, a women’s basketball team that is pre-season top five and picked to win the Big 12 and a football team that will be bowl eligible in October. What in the name of Waco is going on? I’m not cool with this. Baylor 31 Kansas State 24.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – Get ready for the "Hawks are back in the BCS" conversation. The hype is about to get out of control again. The Ricky Stanzi for Heisman talk is not far behind. Might want to avoid the media for a while to keep your sanity. Iowa 31 Wisconsin 21.

LSU @ Auburn – I keep picking against the Chiz in hopes he will lose. This week I’m doing the opposite in hopes of putting the Jobu hex on him. This is shaping up to be the worst-case scenario season for Iowa State fans. The only way it could get worse is if Phillip Bates puts up 9,000 yards in total offense over the next six weeks and won the Heisman. Luckily, I think we’re safe there. The Fighting Chizzles 31 LSU 27.


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – The Cyclones have shown no signs of life on both sides of the ball these past 2 weeks.  At some point your pride has to take over and say enough is enough.  I hope this is the week for that to happen.  Iowa State has 24 players from the state of Texas who will be going home to play in front of friends and family.  That has to wake them up a bit, right?  Texas has to much talent and speed for ISU to overcome.  Texas 37-14

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – Missouri had a very impressive win at A&M and now comes how to face the top BCS team in the country.  Problem for them is that OU is better than A&M in ever facet of the game.  OU is the most balanced offensive team in the conference and perhaps the country.  It will be the first time all year that Missouri has had a test like this and I don’t think they are ready for it.  OU 31-17

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – Should be a great game between teams that have totally different identities.  Does defense win or does offense win.  Usually I give the nod to the defense but this game is in Stillwater and I think OSU keeps their undefeated season going with a 27-24 win against Nebraska.

Kansas State @ Baylor – Huge game for Baylor.  They are trying to become bowl eligible for the first time since….well a long time.  And this is a must win with Texas, OSU, A&M, and Oklahoma to finish out the year.   They will surely be underdogs in all those games.  I think Robert Griffin gives Kansas State the same problem that Taylor Martinez did.  A fast QB that you have to stay at home on the option read play.  Difference is that Griffin can actually throw the ball.  To much at stake for Baylor not to win this game.  Baylor 34-24

Wisconsin @ Iowa – Shocked that Wisconsin won last week.  They hadn’t shown anything this season to make me believe they could hang with Ohio State, let alone beat them.  Emotional win at home though is usually followed up by a loss on the road.  This week will be no different.  Iowa 24 to 13

LSU @ Auburn – Have picked against Auburn every single week.  Partially because I want Chizik to lose and partially because I watch them and don’t think they are that good.  They could have/should have lost 3 games so far.  But you could also say the same thing for LSU.  So I have to go with the home team.  Auburn 24-17


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – Texas showed that they have turned a corner in their win over Nebraska. Iowa State has given up 68 and 52 the last two weeks. It won’t be that bad but I’ll UT to cover 35-7.

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – How good is Oklahoma? We are going to find out. I’m not a believer. I’m taking Missouri to cover but OU wins 28-24.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – I think Nebraska is going to be in a shoot out with Okie State. The Husker D is good but not as good as everyone says it is. I’ll take OSU to win at home. 31-30.

Kansas State @ Baylor – Well this game stinks and I won’t be watching it but I’ll take Baylor and RG3 to win at home. 24-21.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – When has a Wisconsin team bet Iowa at Kinnick when it really matters? That trend continues. Hawkeyes win 27-21.

LSU @ Auburn – Might be the best game of the weekend. Auburn and Cam Newton are the real deal. The "Hat" runs out of magic. Auburn Tigers 31-21.


Iowa State at Texas – Longhorns on a bit of a letdown after big win last week, and their offense is still a mess. I’m also guessing CPR gets the Cyclones to rebound somewhat after last week’s total meltdown. Texas 34, Iowa State 17

Oklahoma at Missouri – So far in his career Landry Jones is a different quarterback when not playing in Norman, and the Tigers are one of the few teams in the country that rank in the top 20 nationally in scoring offense and scoring defense. Missouri 27, Oklahoma 24

Nebraska at Oklahoma State – Tough bounce back for the Huskers, but I just don’t think Oklahoma State is a 7-0 football team. Nebraska 34, Oklahoma State 24

Kansas State at Baylor – Robert Griffin is the difference as the Bears clinch their first bowl game since 1998. Baylor 28, Kansas State 21

Wisconsin at Iowa – The Hawkeyes simply play Wisconsin’s style of football better than the Badgers do. Iowa 26, Wisconsin 17

LSU at Auburn – Two Tigers, one an offensive juggernaut the other a stingy defense. Tough game to gauge, so I’ll give the slight nod to the home team. Auburn 24, LSU 20


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – I know many people think this line should be higher after what happened last week down in Norman.  I said BEFORE the Utah game, that IMO the game at Texas was more winnable than the game against the Utes.  That comment may not look like much right now but Im sticking to my guns.  While I don’t think the Clones will win, I do think they will keep it close.  It’s a classic let down game for the Horns coming off that monster road victory at Nebraska.  31-21 Texas in a really good game.

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri – I can’t decide which side of the fence I am on for the life of me.  Oklahoma has OWNED Mizzou over the last decade.  Remember how ugly that Big 12 title game was a couple of years ago?  But for some reason I think Mizzou will not only cover, I think they can win.  I have not been overly impressed with Oklahoma this year and I just feel like the Sooners are walking into a bear trap.  OK- hold a sec, gotta flip a coin for this one.  Heads is Mizzou and the points, Tails is OU………………………………………….. it’s tails.  Ou -6 (no score prediction)

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State – This is another tough game to pick.  I think Oklahoma St. is for real.  The Wheedon Blackmon combo has just been unreal so far.  Bo Pelini benched Martinez last week but I think the freshman learned his lesson.  The OSU D is not even close to the Texas D.  Even though the game is in Stillwater, Ill take the Cornhuskers 35-24.

Kansas State @ Baylor – These are the types of games the Bill Snyder just finds a way to win.  (See ISU, Kansas) I don’t think Baylor is really all that good.  Sure they have Robert Griffin III but can anybody name another player on that team!?  Im going with the old ball coach.  KSU 28- Baylor 17

Wisconsin @ Iowa – The line is currently Iowa -5.5.  That is wayyyyyy to many points.  In years where there is a big talent gap, the game normally ends in a ten point decision.  These are two evenly matched teams and I expect the game to be over in the neighborhood of two hours lol.  Going to be old fashioned smash mouth football and low scoring.  Wiscy and the points but Iowa at home is the difference.  17-14 Hawks

LSU @ Auburn – LSU’s defense is for real.  Might be the best defense in the country.  Unfortunately there offense has struggled every week.  They were even slow out of the gates vs. McNeese St.  It’s not a good time to be a Heisman favorite.  Denard Robinson ran into a buzz saw vs. Mich St. and Iowa.  Taylor Martinez looked like a HS freshman vs Texas.  Will Cam Newton follow suit and deteriorate against his first true defensive test of the year?  Even if he does, the home field advantage, Auburn D and LSU O is more than enough reasons to pick the Tigers.  Auburn 21 LSU 15 (Les Miles goes for two for know good reason at some point in the game)


Iowa State @ Texas (-26) – It will be interesting to see how the nations elite would fare with our schedule. Way too much has to happen for us to keep it close. Texas covers.

Oklahoma (-6) @ Missouri- Oklahoma has made a habit of humbling the Big 12 upstarts. Hype machine is at an all time high in Columbia. Too much DeMarco Murray. OU covers.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma State –Tough pick here, but the Huskers blew a HUGE chance to make a statement. Bench your Freshmen QB in the biggest game of his life and mentally you may lose him. Okie State challenges the Blackshirts and wins at home.

Kansas State @ Baylor – Baylor going bowling? Better do it now, the schedule only gets tougher. Griffin has a big day. Baylor wins at home.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – I was lucky enough to attend the game last week in Madison. Unbelievable atmosphere, but it will be a different scene in Iowa City. Hawks win at home.

LSU @ Auburn – Hold Auburn to 30 points and you win. Easier said than done with Cam Newton running the show. Hard to pick against Auburn at home. Chiz remains unbeaten.