Williams Blog: Cupcake City!

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Here’s a quick look at Iowa State’s non-conference football opponents next season.

Sept. 2 – vs. Northern Illinois (a team many people are picking to win the MAC)
Sept. 11 – @ Iowa (a likely preseason top 10 team)
Sept. 25 – vs. Northern Iowa
Oct. 9 – vs. Utah (a top 25 caliber team IMO)

Here’s what 2011 has in store for the Cyclones.

Sept. 1 – @ Utah
Sept. 10 – vs. Iowa
Sept. 17 – @ UCONN
Sept. 24 – vs. Northern Iowa

If you haven’t read or heard discussion about those bears above yet, then I guess you aren’t really that Fanatical about the Clones. This has been a hot topic since the early Chizik years.

My take on this is pretty simple.

I’m about to quote maybe the most recognizable and possibly the most annoying commentator in all of sports, Dick Vitale.


Sure, we all like to make fun of Kansas State and their ridiculous schedules from year-to-year. But regardless of how their team is, the Wildcats are at the very least in the bowl conversation during most years.

I think that we can all agree that Iowa State isn’t going to be a national title contender any time soon right? So why not get as many wins as possible, against whoever wants to come to Ames? That’s more home games for the fans, more wins for everybody involved and more bowl trips in December.

That means more cash for the athletic department.

Iowa State already has to play the Texas’ and Oklahoma’s of the world.

Why not gain a little swagger in December by beating the snot out of Alabama State in the process?

Here is my ideal non-conference schedule on a year-to-year basis for Iowa State.

Game 1 – A FCS opponent in Ames. I personally don’t like playing Northern Iowa. There’s too much risk there. Too many Panthers and their fans have a chip on their shoulder toward the Clones. Am I scared? You bet I am. Write it down and quote me on this. I could care a less about the opponent. In today’s college football landscape, it is all about wins. Schedule a sure thing here, not Northern Iowa.

Game 2 – A Sun Belt team in Ames. Get one of the Sun Belt’s worst programs in here for a little blood bath. Gear up for the Hawks.

Game 3 – Iowa. Let’s roll.

Game 4 – A MAC opponent, but nobody too tough. The last thing you want to do is drop one right before the Big 12 season. Let’s get Akron on the schedule. I’ve always wanted to cover a game featuring the Zips.

With that type of schedule, you assure yourself of being at the very worst, 3-1 heading into Big 12 play. Some years, you might even be 4-0.

Take your pride and throw it next to a bottle of Templeton on the top shelf Fanatics. You’ll see plenty of quality opponents when Big 12 play is going on inside of Jack Trice Stadium. Take a page out of Bill Snyder and Texas Tech’s playbook here. Schedule as light as you possibly can.

Just win baby. Just win. Iowa State should go to a bowl game every season. That’s my expectation. Is it ambitious? Sure, probably a little bit. It might even be a little bit unfair. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Schedule down, go to bowl games and ultimately, make that money.

Big 12 – PAC 10 alliance?

It looks like the Big 12 and the PAC 10 might be teaming up sometime soon.

Interesting. I’m for anything helps the little guy (Iowa State) get more cash in the Big 12. If that’s the case here, then I support it. If it is just another way for Texas to get richer, then count me out.

And if this “deal” would force Iowa State to play California or Oregon in September, no thanks.

Read the above portion of this blog to see why.

Cupcakes Fanatics. Think cupcakes.

Have a great weekend.