UNI Post Game: Notes & Quotes

The Iowa State men’s basketball team suffered their second loss of the young season on Wednesday when the UNI Panthers came to town to collect the 63-60 victory.

Here’s what you need to know.

Important Numbers

– Craig Brackins scored 13 points for Iowa State tonight. That’s not the key stat though. Brackins went 4-of-6 from the field in the first half. He ended the game 4-for-10. That means that the big man took four shots in the entire second half.

– UNI’s two big men dominated. Adam Koch and Jordan Eglseder both scored 20 points in the game. Egleseder also grabbed 14 rebounds in the contest.

– Diante Garrett led Iowa State in scoring with 15 points but went 6-of-14 from the field while doing so.

– Marquis Gilstrap committed six turnovers in Iowa State’s loss.

– Northern Iowa only shot 38.1 percent from the field in their victory compard to Iowa State’s 44.4 percent.

– Iowa State turned the basketball over 14 times compared to Northern Iowa’s nine.

– Northern Iowa grabbed 38 rebounds compared to 31 by the Cyclones.


Greg McDermott on the loss

“It was pretty obvious to anyone that watched the game that UNI was the tougher team; that is disheartening. There were loose balls and there wore too many purple shirts on the floor. This team doesn’t know how to win yet. We knew this was going to be a tough week. I’m disappointed we lost at home. Our fans were fantastic. They tried to jump-start us several times, but we just couldn’t sustain it. We’ve got to do some things different and we need to be consistent.”

Northern Iowa Coach Ben Jacobson on the win

“That was our best 40 minutes of basketball this year.” “We had to have every bit of it to get a win today.”

Adam Koch on his outstanding defense against Brackins in the 2nd half

“We threw a lot of different looks at him. We were trying to make him think about it a little bit. It worked out well for us tonight.”

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