12-16 CF Mailbag

It’s now time for my favorite weekly column here on That’s my Wednesday mailbag segment.

This week’s is a bit on the nutty side. Of course, I received a lot of Cyclone related questions as always. There were an abundance of Taylor Swift questions as well. Don’t ask…

Cyclone Alley was a hot topic this week. Let’s start there.

Oskyclone writes: Cyclone Alley? To wear a T-shirt or not to wear a T-shirt?

CW: I’ve stayed away from this topic for long enough. Honestly, I think that this anti-Cyclone Alley talk is somewhat silly. To me, it is pretty simple. If the team is winning, Hilton is going to be loud. That’s just my opinion. Having said that, it is hard for me to remember Hilton before Cyclone Alley. The section was created during my freshman year in Ames. Hilton didn’t seem like a “soft” place to play when Stinson and Blaylock led the Clones to the Big Dance not that long ago. Frankly, I think that the students are being treated like a scapegoat. If I were in Cyclone Alley, I’d print a bunch of these comments off and spread them around the student section during the next home game. Maybe that will stir the rowdy ones up a bit. Just an idea.

Clone136 writes: Two Questions

1. I am not for or against Cyclone Alley has been here since I have been a Student but I don’t understand how getting rid of it will magically cure Hilton and restore the Magic?

CW: See above. I agree with you though. The students aren’t the reason the team has struggled lately.

2. Do you ever get sick of logging on and seeing us all complain about the coaching staff?

CW: I don’t mind it when people give their opinions. That’s what message boards are all about and that’s also why I have a job, a job that I love. I just don’t like the hateful messages that some Fanatics post. You can have a negative opinion about a topic without being downright vicious about it. Those are the ones that bother me. There is enough hate and negativity in the world. Sports are supposed to be fun. As much as the student-athletes are built up, they’re still kids and most of them won’t be pros. I think that if most people would take 20 seconds to read what they wrote and think, most of those posts would never happen. Having said that, 99 percent of the Fanatics are fine. It’s a minority that cross the line.

Clones21 writes: Duke game or Bowl game?

CW: If I had to pick one and money wasn’t a factor, I’d go to the bowl game in a second for a couple of reasons. The first is, ask yourself this question. When is the next time that Iowa State will be playing in a bowl game, in Arizona? You just don’t know. It could be next year. It could be in 10 years. Take advantage of this opportunity while it is right in front of you. Second, by showing up in Tempe, you’re supporting this program and contributing to the outstanding reputation that got the Cyclones in the Insight Bowl. That’s a big deal. Not that the Duke game isn’t. But if only a few Cyclone fans show up in Chicago, that’s not really going to “hurt” ISU athletics if you know what I mean.

ThatGuy writes: What are the man rules behind seeing “The Blind Side?” Yes, it is a football movie, but it really isn’t. And not even in the sense that “Remember the Titans” was more than just about football. I refuse to see it because they advertised it as a chic flick.

CW: I haven’t seen the movie yet but I want to. Does that I am not a man? I don’t think so. The last time I check, I have a bunch of sports jackets in my closet. I have to shave every day. I burp a lot. I am pretty sure that despite the fact that I want to see this movie, I am still a man. I better ask Michelle, from Tommy’s Salon. Has the “Blind Side” really been pubbed as a chick flick? If so, I feel taken. A buddy of mine and were thinking about going to it together…this note really opened my eyes. Thank you…ThatGuy. But to answer your question, feel free to go see the movie. You will not be less of a man. Just don’t order a diet pop while you’re there. Pour some extra butter on the popcorn and your man card should still be in check.

MNCyGuy writes: Do you find the concept of man rules/cards at least a little ridiculous, especially in cases where people avoid doing things they are obviously interested in due to this made-up stuff?

CW: I am guilty of pulling out a man card reference every now and then. It’s more of trend thing for me. The concept is a little ridiculous if you think about it. For instance, if you’re a man who enjoys drinking wine coolers, by all means, you should continue to drink wine coolers. But if you do that, be prepared to have a man card reference tossed your way within seconds. Yes, the concept is a little out there but we need to keep it around just to keep people honest you know? We wouldn’t want all dudes walking around wearing perfume would we? We need to keep things in check. So let’s keep the man card references around. But when those idiots out there choose to abuse it, you call them out with an “over-the-top man card” reference. Make sense?

GeronimusClone writes: Why does my printer always print gray images in pink? I’ve asked everyone else, thought maybe you’d know.

CW: I’m no computer expert but I have a strong feeling this is an operator error. Just a hunch.

Best Movie of this decade? Mine is Almost Famous.

CW: Two titles come to mind for me. 1) The Dark Knight. 2) Gran Torino. Batman and Eastwood…is there a better combination?

Cstrunk writes: When can we expect your new T-Swift cover to be released here on the site?

CW: Here we go. I should have never started that Taylor Swift thread the other day. When I wrote it up, I assumed it would get like 15 replies and die. I was just horsing around trying to have some fun and take our college-Fanatics’ minds off of finals. What happened next? Somebody (I won’t name names) threw gas all over the tiny fire and over 300 replies later, that bad boy was still off and running. T-Swift cover? From me? Not happening brother.

1100011CS writes: Did you have an affair with Tiger?

CW: Really? Let’s keep it classy people.

Cyclone_Grav writes: With these last few scholarships, what would you like to see the staff do?

CW: First on my wish list was a running back. Iowa State got that today with Duran Hollis. Next up, give me a little more depth on the defensive line.

Chuckd4735 writes: Would you rather have ISU in the Big 12 or Big 10?

CW: I would rather Iowa State stay in the Big 12 but I do like certain things about the Big 11. I love their revenue sharing process. That would benefit Iowa State a lot. Really, as far as that goes, the Big 12 hurts Iowa State. Honestly, I don’t think that Iowa State will ever be considered to join the Big Ten though so this is tough to answer. It’s such a tiny possibility, I haven’t thought about it much. There are advantages to the Big Ten, sure, but I’m a Big 12 guy. That’s the mental hurdle I’d have to sling myself over before I am sold on the idea.

ISUontheMove writes: How much will you be covering HB and the Ames game on ESPN? Hopefully, not at all.

CW: There is no need for me to cover this from an Iowa State standpoint. Can we please drop the HB talk? He’s not coming to Iowa State. Let’s just wish him well and move on.

Ciclone writes: Will you and Tim (from Mr. B’s) ever arm wrestle in your VLOG?

CW: I will have to ask him when I go do my VLOG there tomorrow morning. Let’s say that Tim is down with arm wrestling. Who do you Fanatics think would win? While you’re thinking about this, go buy a suit from Tim. He’s a great guy and the crew at Mr. B’s will hook you up.

Psyclone Brian writes: What’s the feel of the football team this week? How are preparations going, and how comfortable is the coaching staff going into Tempe?

CW: The guys are pumped up and ready to roll. Iowa State is approaching this as a must-win football game. I’m not sure that Minnesota has even watched a tape on the Cyclones. Obviously, I wasn’t serious about that statement but there is no buzz about this game up north. I love Iowa State’s chances. The guys are very focused and I think they’ll play their best game of the season on New Year’s Eve.

Will Fred Hoiberg be head coach of ISU basketball someday?

CW: Do you really want my honest opinion? You might not like my opinion on this topic. The answer is no. I really don’t get why people are so fascinated with this either. I realize that he is the man in Ames. I love Fred too. I get that. If Hoiberg was actually coaching somewhere right now and having success, that would make sense. But he’s not. He’s got a pretty sweet job in Minnesota. Maybe he’ll want to go back to his roots someday. Even so, he’s never been a head coach before. I just think this topic is a major stretch.

Knownothing writes: What is the offensive mindset of our basketball team at the moment? Nobody moves.

CW: I think that we’ll learn a lot about that question coming up over the next two weeks. I really believe that Iowa State played too many games in a row at the start of the season. I think that we’ll see a distinct difference in this team with the Bradley, North Dakota and Houston games. Just a hunch. A lot of reflecting has happened within the team. I have faith that they’ll turn it around and as I’ve written many times, I still think that this is an NCAA Tournament team. Maybe I’m too optimistic. There’s just too much talent out there for this team to fold.

AngryPanda writes: If you could see any movie sports event in real life as a fan in the stands, which event would it be? I would pick the end of Major League when Taylor calls his shot.

CW: I would pick two. The first would be in Field of Dreams when the ghosts come out of the cornfield. I am an avid believer in ghosts but have never seen one. They fascinate me though. They have to be real. For all of your non-believers out there, are you really going to tell me that all of these people who claim to have seen ghoats are all full of crap? Give me a break. Back to the topic, seeing all of those guys come out of corn would be pretty sweet. Plus, I wouldn’t have to travel very far. It could be like a day vacation for me. The second is when Willie Beamen leads the Miami Sharks to his very first win as a starting quarterback in Any Given Sunday. Remember when he vomited? I’d like to be there. Oh wait…one more. I’d love to watch Rocky defeat the Russian in Rocky IV. That’s my favorite sports movie of all-time.

CycloneYoda writes: What does Santa do with the elves who are shirking on the job? My guess is he eats them, but I have no conformation on the matter.

CW: Eats them? Are you kidding me? Santa is a jolly old fat man, not a cannibal. If the elves are slacking off, he probably ships them to the kitchen to bake him more cookies. He doesn’t eat them. You should be ashamed of yourself CycloneYoda.

Bosco writes: I-Phone or Droid? Personally I’m gonna ask Santa for the Droid.

CW: I own a MacBookPro so I’d go with the I-Phone. Those Droids do look pretty sick though. This is a win-win situation in my book.

CO4CY writes: How many tickets will ISU need to sell to the Insight Bowl in order for the bowl and the critics to see that ISU was the best decision over Missouri (not only that but continue our rep for a good traveling team)?

CW: I don’t believe that there is a certain magic number in this specific scenario. This is a totally different ballgame than in 2000. I know that Iowa State fans are going to show up. What about Missouri though? You know what I mean? What if 5,000 Tiger fans show up in Houston? That will tell the good people in Tempe that they made the right decision. Also, I think it is valid to compare Iowa State to Minnesota too. If the Gophers don’t travel and 20,000 Cyclone fans litter Phoenix, that’ll make ISU look that much better.

SuperCy writes: I understand that Iowa is our rival, but do you think that some people have an unhealthy obsession with everything Iowa? It just plays into the stereotype that all the Cyclone fan base is concerned about is beating the Hawks.

CW: I think that there are some people like that and they’re usually the vocal ones. However, I think that most Cyclone fans get a bad rap because of those folks. They mean well but I really don’t think they represent the entire fan base. Most Iowa State fans I know would trade a football win against Iowa for one against Nebraska every year.