CF Post Game: Marquis Hamilton Q&A

Iowa State senior Marquis Hamilton led the team in receiving on Saturday night when the Cyclones beat Baylor 24-10.

Hamilton had nine catches for 97 yards. caught up with him after the game. Below is the Q&A.

CF: How do you think you played tonight? MH: I feel like that was my best performance of the season. I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement for myself and my team but it was the most complete game I have played this year.

CF: Was that the most complete game for the offense as a whole? MH: No. I wouldn’t go that far. We struggled at times and we made some mistakes out there but I feel like we had a lot of confidence and we’re going to get the ship righted.

CF: Do you feel like you’ve been a leader on this team so far? MH: I feel like I have. There are still some areas where I feel like I have to get better as far as leadership goes but for the most part, I have stepped up and picked up a more vocal role.

CF: You took a few hits tonight didn’t you? MH:It’s part of the game right?

CF: What did you think of how Jerome (Tiller) played in the second half? MH: It was gutsy. He came in there with a lot of pressure on him but he stepped up and played well.

CF: Talk about the way you guys won tonight. MH: It was a complete team victory. Usually, two out of the three (phases of the game) play well but I feel like for the most part, we hit on all cylinders.


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