NFC Championship: 49ers @ Eagles

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Nov 24, 2012
if Philly plays like this in the Super Bowl, they lose by 21 points. They are obviously going to win, but they have been absolutely terrible today.
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Jul 16, 2007
The sensitivity of the people that run this board often amazes me. Why should you care if I don't like the Eagles because you've been talking them up?

I honestly don't know what I've ever done to be banned, but if you or anyone else want to ban me, go ahead. My identity isn't wrapped up if you like my posts on a message board.
Why post at all then? Is it therapy? Or do you feel we NEED to hear what you have to say?


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Mar 7, 2008
Because you literally said it only after a few posts of mine and you often try and throw jabs and me and others in particular - regardless if you notice it or not.

I've never banned you and you clearly read my post wrong. I said I've stuck up for you despite all the threads and posts where people call you names and things.

You literally said you 'unbanned' me. That implies that I've been banned.

I'll let this die for today---but I honestly don't really give a **** if any one here especially likes me. It is the one place in my life that I can antagonize people because I would never do that in real life. And, honestly, I'll stand by pretty much everything I post. ;)

Enjoy the Super Bowl. It would have been fun to see the game with a healthy Purdy, but I'm guessing that the Eagles would have won any way.
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Nov 11, 2007
McCaffery has been there for 3 months, I doubt he knows the playbook well enough to play a position he never thought he’d have to.
I dunno, it's either that or a guaranteed loss. Figured it was worth a shot.


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Nov 12, 2015
Des Moines
Is anybody in this thread an actual 49ers fan if not for Purdy? They have to be reaching Buffalo level of frustration lately. This is their 3rd NFC championship appearance in 4 years with absolutely nothing to show for it.


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Feb 28, 2006
Waukee, IA
Maybe something for some of you to think about if you think the mods and admins here are oversensitive.

You come here as a fan and have no vested interest in the site. It's just one of hundreds you visit every day.

The mods have been here for almost 20 years at this point and this site is a big part of their lives, persona, or lifestyle. When we get singled out, it feels much more personal because of the literally 10s of thousands of of unpaid hours put into making this place successful.

So while it might seem oversensitive, let me do something here to prove a point.

@isufbcurt is somebody that I agree with on probably 95% of posts, like, and respect. He is somebody that I'm guessing from above thinks I and others are oversensitive. So let me do a role play.

Hey Curt, you were far too big of a crybaby and scrub when playing football, should have been D3 at best, and you can't even get a racecar into the finals. What the hell must your kids think of you?

None of that is true in ANY way, but that's what we get dozens or hundreds of times a week.

EDIT: Curt and I are good and have talked. He wanted to post a similar remark as we have no beef with each other but I can't open the thread just for one person.
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