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Jan 3, 2015
And his assistants. Lock up another 5 years. Massive buyout.

That's the last thing they should be doing.

Covid is exposing the frailty within the college athletics framework. NCAA football and basketball not only bring in the money but account for the majority of department expenses. Now that the money has dried up, other programs are being cut/axed while football coaches and assistants, those who were already grotesquely overpaid to begin with, take "meager" cuts. In many these programs cost less to fund than a single football assistants salary. Sorry, but it's really f****d up when Doyles buyout (at Iowa) cost more than the programs they cut.

The reality is coaches, ADs...basically all of the overbloated salaried employees, should be taking pay cuts, NOT receiving contract extensions and salary increases. This isn't just about Campbell or Iowa State, but across the collegiate landscape as a whole.

At some point there should be some pride in representing a school and supporting collegiate athletics. From salaries, to power (ie scandals), to a preposterous 85 full scholarships football has been out of control for decades. Maybe Covid becomes catalyst for returning perspective and reality to a sport that has none.
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Mar 27, 2006
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If Campbell leaves for Michigan, it’s not about money. It’s about whether or not he wants to lead a Rust Belt blue blood vs being our Bill Snyder.

He’ll make more money than he can spend here. His staying in Ames is about whether he wants to build something that’s never been built vs taking a crack at the mountain top in his back yard.