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Discussion in 'Football' started by yowza, Aug 15, 2017.

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    Thinking about purchasing a couple of seats for the south end zone. My wife's grandfather is 88 and has never been to a game before. Would like to know if the indoor portion of the south end zone would be suitable for an elderly person to go in and relax (comfortable seating). I doubt he would wander out to the outdoor seating as he has some trouble getting up out of a chair. Just wondering from those who have been in there for a game what it is like inside.

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    I'd say yes, however when the weather isn't great the more comfortable chairs/loveseats on the south side of the building tend to fill up early and stay filled up. There are a number of normal tables and chairs like you'd find in a restaurant though.
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    Yes and you can view the game from the upper level. Go in early to avoid the rush of people and to get a spot in front of the window. The staff is great and will be able to accommodate.
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    Keep in mind there obviously is not enough seating inside for everyone, so a lot of people are standing at any given time. But generally, people don't just park themselves in a seat and stay there all day, they come and go, so I;m sure you would be able to find a seat for him relatively quickly. However, not all seats are that close to the TV screens, so you would want to get him there in time to get him a seat where he can actually watch the game if that is what he wants to do. There are also screens with other games going on, so, a lot to entertain you.

    Only the top level has windows where you can see out to the field, the bottom level is nice and has a lot of seating and TV screens, but there is no view of the actual field. It is generally a fairly relaxed atmosphere in there and most important, it is climate-controlled. We mostly just stay in there for halftime, but I think it would be a great experience to watch the entire game from in there. But again, actual seats where you can sit and watch out the windows and see the game are very limited.
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    This. There are great seats at the glass looking out over the field (plus the view of the scoreboard). You definitely get a good view, although the crowd can be pretty loud when it is cold out and many choose to stay inside as opposed to sitting in their outside seats.
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    I took my grandfather (who was in a wheelchair) to a game in the SEZ a couple years ago and found it very accommodating for handicapped/older folks. They have wheelchair accessible ramps and doors, handicap seating areas above the upper and lower section as well as elevators. The upper area is great for watching the games through the glass but as others warned it does fill up quickly with squatters, especially for colder weather games.

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