House Divided Brewery now open.

Discussion in 'Beer' started by cc1091, Dec 26, 2019.

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    I haven't been there yet, and had no idea that they were now open until a few days ago:
    House Divided Brewery
    1620 Dows St, Ely, IA 52227

    Ely is on the southern end of the bike trail that at least once stretched from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids (discovered in recent years that some of those sections are in desperate need of renovation) and was more recently extended to Ely (supposedly it is "within a few hundred feet of being complete all the way to Solon").

    "House Divided" is owned by a couple, one a Cyclone fan, the other a Hawkeye fan, who vow to have the televisions in their brewery/sampling area, equally divided between Cyclone and Hawkeye sports.

    Looking at their website ( shows that they have a limited number of their own beers, as well as a few other beers, most of which are brewed by breweries local to Ely, Iowa.

    I like the fact that they are in Ely, which will improve my bike ride there (Odie's is a fine small town bar, and the place to head to for food on that end of the trail, but not much for beer selection). Hopefully IF the trail ever is completed to Solon, they won't get bypassed in favor of Big Grove's original location.

    If you have visited House Divided, please leave your comments and impressions. All of us who have not visited are curious.
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    They have been open for about a month. Not a huge selection yet, but hopefully will get there. Website already lists quite a few more than when I went there. We have had their hefeweizen, and it was solid if a little boring, which means most people will probably like it. It seems that small breweries need a solid selection of standard beers before they get into the specialty fun stuff. They have a canning machine that does one beer at a time, so u can get them to go, but the price doesn't change, and it takes a bit
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    Agreed. Especially ones in smaller towns. You need something that people who aren't already into craft beer will enjoy. Your beer nerds that are already there are probably going to support a decent product out of principal. Once you have some beers that people know, like, and are coming back for on a regular basis you can branch out.

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