Air Duct Cleaning

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Dec 10, 2013
Give these guys a call, they do a great job. Do your research because a lot of these duct cleaning companies are hacks. They even open up your main and return line and clean it all out. 10/10 would recommend and their prices are reasonable.
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SuperFanatic T2
Aug 17, 2009
When we had it done, it was a much bigger job that I expected. They had tools that would bang around all over the inside of the ducts in order to knock everything loose while it was being vacuumed into a big tank outside. I wish I had asked to see the tank before and after, just to see what they removed (and to look for any jewelry left there by previous owners).


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Mar 23, 2006
Grimes, IA
We had ours done when we bought our house over 6 years ago because the sellers had dogs and we had also found on our inspection they had neglected the HVAC systems so wanted to make sure we started out with clean air ducts. Can't remember what company it was because we scheduled it through Service Legends who installed the new furnace we were getting put in as part of our purchase agreement. Was pretty sad that the same disgusting furnace filter that was caked when we had the inspection done was still in the furnace nearly a month later when we took possession so was not surprised that for even a 10 year old HVAC system it was pretty much shot due to all the maintenance neglect it had seen. If you've never had your ducts cleaned it probably isn't a bad thing to do at least once just for your own peace of mind, especially if you have a lot of dust in your house.

I would recommend having your dryer vent cleaned out every few years through because you'll be amazed how much lint builds up that could be a potential fire hazard.


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Jan 28, 2007
I had mine done by Supreme Air Duct Cleaning. They did a great job and even showed me before and after pictures of my ducts. I moved into a new construction house in 2014 and was still amazed at all of the crap in my ducts. I also had them do my dryer vent too. They did a great job!


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Aug 22, 2011
It's unnecessary in most cases. The stuff that is in your ducts pretty much stays in your ducts. There is little to no evidence that it helps with anything unless you have mold, rodent problems, or you have buildup to the point it starts to restrict airflow. If you have those problems there are probably other underlying problems you need to address as well.


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May 1, 2018
Had it done a few years ago with the install of new furnace and AC unit, also the dryer exhaust. I figured the construction dirt alone from years ago would be worth getting rid of. They recommend doing it every year, but I haven't had it repeated, yet. They leave access tabs in the duct work after cutting into the sheetmetal. Cleaning device looks like a multi-tail whip that uses air pressure to thrash around in the ducts.