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  1. Thompsonclone

    ****Official Class of 2021 Recruiting Thread****

    Wouldn’t that hurt this board though? I go on here to find quick and easy access to news relating to the Cyclones. No offense but I don’t go on here to read everyone’s opinions lol. If there were no links posted it would be fairly pointless to go on here outside of CW, Stansbury posting...
  2. Thompsonclone

    Newcomers updated height, weight, and numbers

    I wouldn’t look into them wearing different numbers. I’d imagine they’ll be wearing the numbers the website has for them.
  3. Thompsonclone

    Newcomers updated height, weight, and numbers

    Player photos from Luke Lu. Jaden Walker looks like he could be Javan Johnson’s little brother lol
  4. Thompsonclone

    Tyler Harris best vert on the team?

    Dubar is a THT level dunker and that’s not a diss. He just isn’t as explosive as Bolton, Harris and Blackwell but he’s a better in-game dunker than Bolton and Harris.
  5. Thompsonclone

    Cap City League 2020...

    I really don’t know for sure how the program views the CCL but there was rumors in the past they didn’t want to participate it anymore and then they scheduled a Freshman class thing on the same night of the league so it seemed like a way to avoid sending players down there. I agree with you...
  6. Thompsonclone

    Cap City League 2020...

    That’s fair. I’m just glad you didn’t use the “players could get injured in it” argument. I also enjoyed some kid named Cade’s highlights. He did a decent job considering he just used his phone.
  7. Thompsonclone

    Cap City League 2020...

    Why? That’s odd to wish something away that doesn’t impact you while it brings enjoyment to some people.
  8. Thompsonclone

    Cap City League 2020...

    I’m sure Iowa State will use this as a way to not do it in future years as well.
  9. Thompsonclone

    2020 Commits Stats & Senior Performance

    But he’ll be able to utilize his athleticism more than Zion could. Hard to take advantage of your athleticism when you aren’t skilled enough to put yourself in the position to use it. Zion and Grill were both very explosive but neither one could dribble so they were just stationary objects out...
  10. Thompsonclone

    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Pipe dream alert: rate this offseason (A+, A, B+, B-, etc) Chaundee Brown Jose Perez Tyler Harris 4th TBD I would give that an A. We missed on so many guys early. Hopefully we can finish strong and snag Brown and Perez. They appear to know each other so maybe it’s a possibility.
  11. Thompsonclone

    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Harris and Brown would be a great start to the spring. Unfortunately some fans are so blinded by their hate for Prohm that they won’t be able to be happy with anyone he brings in. I’m not even necessarily a Prohm fan but I think both Brown and Harris are pretty talented and I have no problem...
  12. Thompsonclone

    Tyler Harris Commits to ISU.

    I’m really excited about Tyler Harris choosing Iowa State. I think he’ll make a really nice impact for us.
  13. Thompsonclone

    4-23-20 Big Board Update: Adding two names for Iowa State

    Lewis was overhyped but he did have a few games to back that up. Grill never had any performances to back up his Matt Thomas comparison that many people were adamant about.
  14. Thompsonclone

    4-23-20 Big Board Update: Adding two names for Iowa State

    Right now my wish list looks like this: 1. Kier 2. Brown 3. Harris 4. Buggs or Coleman-Lands or Ray Salnave
  15. Thompsonclone

    INSIDER: Updated Michael Flowers information

    Prohm probably knew Flowers wasn’t going to pick Iowa State so he leaked the information to claim he never actually offered so the fan base couldn’t say, “0/25 on recruits this spring!” I’m kidding, sort of. Lol